Technology Resources Survey: We want to hear from you!

Help us better understand campus technology needs and develop resources to support your work by completing the 2023 Technology Resource Survey. This brief questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes and is open to all current UWW employees.

To show our appreciation for your time, you’ll have the opportunity at the conclusion of the survey to enter a drawing for several prizes, including a Technology Surplus Sale Early Access Pass*, an iPad, and gift card!

All responses will remain anonymous; we appreciate your candor. We suggest you complete the survey with a computer to make text responses easier.

The deadline to complete the survey is May 1 at 11:59 pm. *To enter to win a Technology Surplus Early Access Pass, the survey must be completed by 4/16 at 11:59 pm; recipients of Early Access Passes will be notified on 4/17 on how to pick up their pass.

Thank you for your participation in this survey! If you run into any technical issues or have trouble completing the survey, please e-mail

CSD / LTC Spring Accessibility Workshops

Designers Should Always Keep Their Users In Mind.  Only Then Can You Create Truly Innovative Solutions
Designers should always keep their users in mind! Join us for some bite-sized lunch and learn applied workshops on building more accessible classes in Canvas.

Join us this spring for a handful of quick “lunch and learn” workshops on accessibility and making a difference in Canvas for your students’ success! These workshops are held in person in McGraw Hall 19A or via Webex. These short workshops include 20 minutes of applied learning and demonstrations followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. Please feel free to bring a lunch!

To sign up or for more information:

Monday, March 13 at 12:10 pm: “The Visual Syllabus: Presenting a More Accessible, Visual Approach
Tuesday, March 14 at 12:10 pm: “Udoit: Course Accessibility Checker Part 1
Monday, April 10 at 12:10 pm: “Udoit: Course Accessibility Checker Part 2
Tuesday, April 11 at 12:10 pm: “What is UDL (Universal Design for Learning) and Why is it Important to Everyone?

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello! My name is Dana Wagner and I am the new Assistant Director (AD) for the LTC. I excitedly joined the esteemed LTC team in December of 2022. 

I graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelors (‘12) and Masters (‘14) in Animal Science. I have a background in livestock animal welfare and research, with particular emphasis on behavioral and physiological measurements of stress in food animals. Additionally, I worked a great deal with undergraduate and graduate students in a mentorship role, helping students to find their path and complete their program. My most recent role was in supporting veterinary education through course development, laboratory management, and curricular remodeling. 

As AD, my responsibilities include: assisting with the identification and prioritization of strategic goals, supporting the coordination and delivery of LTC programs for professional learning, liaising with campus partners, and coordinating LTC communications.

When not working, I enjoy testing out new dessert recipes, completing puzzles, swimming, and walking to take in the gorgeous Wisconsin scenery. My husband and I share our home with 2 cats, 3 chickens, and 2 horses – though the horses, unfortunately, do not reside in our backyard. 

I look forward to supporting faculty and staff through the LTC, improving the higher education experience, and building upon the distinguished legacy of UW-Whitewater! As a (reformed) Badger, Go Warhawks! 

A Call for Builders!

Come Build with the Learning Technology Center as we discuss the Educause 2023 Top 10 Information Technology Issues this Spring.  Image by Wokandapix
Come Build with the Learning Technology Center as we discuss the Educause 2023 Top 10 Information Technology Issues this Spring. Image by Wokandapix

The Educause Top 10 IT Issues describe the foundation models that colleges and universities will develop next year and beyond, acting on what was learned in the pandemic and framed by the three building blocks of leadership, data, and work and learning. In 2023, thinking is giving way to doing. The old foundations—from enrollment to credentials to the campus to decision-making—are showing signs of wear. Existing foundations need to be examined and strengthened. New foundations may need to be developed. Institutional and technology leaders are building solid foundation models for higher education.

Come build with the LTC this Spring as we do a focused study of portions of the report to explore these new foundation models: leadership (Leading with Wisdom); data (the Ultra-Intelligent Institution); and work and learning (Everything is Everywhere). The Educause Top 10 IT Issues 2023: Foundation Models, are Builders Group modeled on a book club format; participants are expected to come prepared to discuss short key readings inspired by the Top 10 IT issues to explore these foundation models, tackle challenges, develop recommendations, and craft solutions.

This series is appropriate for educators, leaders, administrators, and technologists. By the end of our sessions together we hope to foster cross-campus communication and networking while providing feedback to help shape the future of Whitewater’s technology strategy. We hope that you will be able to apply what you have learned to your teaching or administration. While each session is connected, it is not required to attend them all. Anyone with interest can join as few or as many as able.

Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:30 pm
McGraw Hall 19A and Online via Webex

February 8. Educause Top 10 IT Issues: Foundation Models
February 22. Leading with Wisdom
March 8. The Ultra-Intelligent Institution
March 22. Everything Is Anywhere
April 12. Solving Challenges: What Can We Do Now?
April 26. Applications: Recommendation for the Future and Foundations to Build.

LTC Construction crew:
Eric Loepp, Director of Learning Technology
Dana Wagner, Assistant Director, Learning Technology
Ted Witt, Teaching Learning and Technology Consultant

Self-Paced Online and Blended Teaching Institute

The UW-Whitewater Learning Technology Center (LTC) is pleased to announce registration is now available for a self-paced asynchronous version of our Online and Blended Teaching Institute (OBTI) for Spring 2023.

OBTI aligns quality Canvas course design with best practices for teaching in a variety of modalities.  Upon completion of OBTI, faculty and instructors will be well-prepared to design and develop their own courses, prepared with tips to continue the iterative process for future academic terms. This course is most useful for people thinking about teaching in the summer or fall.

Online and Blended Teaching Institute
Online and Blended Teaching Institute now available in a self-paced format.

The Online and Blended Teaching Institute offers an independent, online, self-paced experience combined with full support and contact with the Learning Technology Center.  It showcases the work of Whitewater instructors and staff, allowing participants an opportunity to explore what has worked for their colleagues.   After an initial consultation, participants will complete a series of short online assignments, be provided a sandbox to design content, and develop objectives and activities to serve as an exemplar module.  This course will take an estimated 30 hours to complete during the Spring semester.

For more information or to enroll in this exciting training, contact Ted Witt at 

Upcoming LTC Workshops (September 19 – September 30)

Workshop Opportunities last two weeks of September
LTC Workshop Opportunities

Improved Pages in Canvas: Monday, September 19, 3:00 pm.

Lost where to go to improve your Canvas page design?  Don’t be!  This workshop explores Whitewater examples, includes step-by-step instructions on how to adapt those innovations to your own courses, and tips and tricks to take your Canvas courses from “good to great.” Sign Up Here

Saving Time with Outlook: Tips and Tricks:  Friday, September 23, 9:00 am

Learn time saving and organizational strategies for your email and calendar in Microsoft Outlook.  We’ll cover advanced email searching functions, email organization strategies. Sign Up Here

Getting Started with Visuals to Enhance your Pages: Monday, September 26, 3:00 pm

Ibsen said “A picture is worth one thousand words” … but we tend to build our Canvas pages with no pictures and thousands of words!  This workshop explores resources to enhance the look, feel, and effectiveness of your Canvas courses. Sign Up Here

Higher Integrity Quizzes in Canvas Wednesday, September 28, 2:00 PM

This session will focus on the things other than monitoring software to improve the integrity of your quizzes.  We will use the description area of the assessment to remind students what they can and can’t do during your quizzes, set up timing and randomized questions, use different question types to make looking up answers more difficult, and try to change the focus of questions to application of skills. Sign Up Here

Increasing Participation with Interactive Polling:  Friday, September 30, 1:00 pm

Classroom Polling allows instructors to ask questions, track progress and receive instant feedback from students. Learn about the differences and similarities of the three campus-supported options for polling Poll Everywhere, TurningPoint, and Slido.  We’ll also discuss use cases and best practices for interactive polling. Sign Up Here

The LTC provides both one-on-one and departmental consultation to implore evidence-based best practices in online and blended course design and facilitation. If the times of these workshops do not meet your needs, you can request an individual or department in-person or virtual consultation

Welcome to a new semester!

Prepare for the new semester with help from the Learning Technology Center (LTC).

Take your Canvas course to the next level.

Whether new to Canvas or ready to take your material to the next level, the Learning Technology Center will support you in developing your online or in-person courses. We offer workshops, training sessions, and consultations for all your Canvas needs.

On Tuesday, August 30th, visit the Canvas booth at Technology Open House. It is one of the many booths that can help with information on Canvas course design, digital textbook resources, instructional technology, and media production.

Increase access to software using Citrix Virtual Apps.

Through Citrix Virtual Apps, members of the UW-W community can access dozens of academic software packages offered in the General Access Labs from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection! We’ll cover the basics, including tips and tricks to avoid issues. Learn how to use this service and how to help your students get the most from it.

Access new employee resources.

UW-Whitewater photo/Craig Schreiner

Receive personalized support with one-on-one or department consultations.

In addition to scheduled workshops and presentations, the LTC team meets with individuals, office units, or academic departments on any topic within our portfolio of services. A consultation provides a productive opportunity to work with one of our experts on your specific needs or requirements. Request a meeting with our consultation request form to get started!

Record video lectures in the LTC Recording Studio!

On-demand video lectures are the perfect way to deliver lecture content for web-based courses or provide supplementary material for in-person classes. The LTC can help you record new content!

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) offers video recording and media production services. Record video and audio in our professional studio or on location at campus venues. Equipped with a podium, a Windows computer, and the ability to connect to your laptop or Mac, the LTC Media Production Studio provides the space and equipment for your recording! For scripted presentations, we have a teleprompter available. Our expert student media technicians will guide you through every step. Please allow one week after your scheduled recording for video processing.

Prefer to record on your own? Check out our short video to learn about four different methods that allow you to create on-demand lectures from your computer. Use our step-by-step guides in our Recording Options for On-Demand Delivery article for further assistance.


Canvas Update (04/16/2022)

On Saturday April 16, Instructure will deploy the latest release to the Canvas Environment. The highlights of this release are listed below. The full release notes are also available.

  • Gradebook – Apply Score to Ungraded Assignments: This change allows instructors to apply scores to ungraded submissions en masse from an assignment group and Total column menus in the Gradebook.
  • New Quizzes – This Course Item Bank Filter: In New Quizzes item banks, the “this course” filter has been added to the filter options.
  • Submission Comments – Emojis in Submission Comments: When adding submission comments, instructor and students can add emojis using Emoji Picker.
  • Course Settings – Assignment Default Due Time Field: The Assignment Default Due time can be modified at the course level to allow assignments to have the default Due time be for any hour. 
  • Gradebook – Enhanced Gradebook Filters: When the Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature preview is enabled for a course, instructors can create filters that can be saved or used one time. Setting on this feature were adjusted for greater instructor flexibility. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the service pack updates, or even just curious about how they can help you, please contact UW-W Canvas Support.

Win a prize – complete the LTC Technology Resource Survey

We want to hear from you!

The Learning Technology Center invites you to complete our 2022 Technology Resource Survey.

This brief questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes of your time and is open to all faculty and staff. The results will help us better understand campus technology needs and develop resources to support your work.

To show our appreciation for your time, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a drawing for several prizes, including an iPad and multiple gift cards!

All responses will remain anonymous; we appreciate your candor. We suggest you complete the survey with a computer to make text responses easier.

Thank you for your participation in this survey! If you run into any technical issues or have trouble completing the survey, please e-mail

The deadline to complete the survey is April 27 at 11:59 pm.

Flipped Learning Fundamentals

Pexel’s Photography – Alena Darmel

In a “flipped classroom”, teachers “flip” the traditional approach of presenting and explaining new information in the classroom and assigning some sort of practice at home to the opposite.  The instructor asks students to read or view material on the new concepts at home and then uses class time to actively engage with the material through solving problems, group work, or other active learning models.  

This workshop series will examine the fundamentals of flipped learning to design your course in a hybrid manner to support the flipped classroom, apply active learning techniques, and discuss methods to engage students. Additionally, we’ll examine technologies that can support your flipped classroom.

Flipped Learning Fundamentals

  • Small Changes You Can Make Now to Flip a Class
    January 27, 3:00 pm
    • Introduction to the “Flipped Learning Fundamental Series,” and part of the Flipped Learning Pathway. Why it is important, what steps you can do to flip your classroom, the advantages and disadvantages, and hands on tips to better utilize your students time in class. 
    • Sign up:

  • Flipped Learning Fundamentals: Hybrid Course Design
    February 3, 3:00 pm
    • This workshop explores one of the first fundamental of flipped learning…hybrid course design.  Come join us as we look at the transformation process of “the sage on the stage” to the “guide on the side” and engage in flipped learning techniques.  
    • Sign up:

  • Flipped Learning Fundamentals: Active Learning
    February 17, 3:00 pm
    • This workshop explores the second fundamental of flipped learning…active learning. Come join us as we look at how to use class time to support active learning in a flipped model. Join us for techniques and activities to support assessment and authentic learning.
    • Sign up: 

  • Flipped Learning Fundamentals: Student Engagement
    February 24, 3:00 pm
    • This workshop explores the third fundamental of flipped learning…student engagement. Come join us as we look at strategies to engage your students during your classroom time to support a flipped learning model.
    • Sign up:

Additional Workshops Supporting Flipped Learning

  • Interactive Polling Overview (Slido, PollEverywhere, and Turning)
    Two sessions: January 25 1:00 pm and February 23 9:00 am
  • Google Apps for Education: Essentials  
    Two sessions: February 2, 9:00am and March 1, 1:00pm
    • Learn about how to effectively use Google Drive and Apps for collaboration and file-sharing. This workshop offers an overview of Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Forms, Drawing, and Sites. Learn the basics of each program to get you up and running quickly with Google applications as well as some helpful tips and tricks.
    • Sign up: