2023 Course Prep Boot Camp

Strapped for time and looking for a guiding hand on all the things you need to do to get a Canvas course up and running for Spring?  Now is your chance! Join us for hands-on workshops broken up between quick demonstrations and supported work time.

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These sessions are designed for instructors looking to get their Spring 2023 course up and running but all faculty and staff are welcome. Come with previous content ready to be updated or moved from paper into Canvas (e.g. moving a quiz or rubric into a digital form). This series of workshops will provide you the know how and time to complete specific tasks to get your course set up. Enroll in one, a handful, or all of them; even if it is just for a way to schedule your work time.

Getting Started

Tuesday, January 3: Noon-1:00 p.m. | Signup

Building Your Content

Wednesday, January 4: Noon-1:00 p.m. | Signup

Assignments and Setting Up Grades

Thursday, January 5: Noon-1:00 p.m. | Signup


Tuesday, January 10: Noon-1:00 p.m. | Signup


Wednesday, January 11: Noon-1:00 p.m. | Signup

Wrapping Up

Thursday, January 12: Noon-1:00 p.m. | Signup

Self-Paced Online and Blended Teaching Institute

The UW-Whitewater Learning Technology Center (LTC) is pleased to announce registration is now available for a self-paced asynchronous version of our Online and Blended Teaching Institute (OBTI) for Spring 2023.

OBTI aligns quality Canvas course design with best practices for teaching in a variety of modalities.  Upon completion of OBTI, faculty and instructors will be well-prepared to design and develop their own courses, prepared with tips to continue the iterative process for future academic terms. This course is most useful for people thinking about teaching in the summer or fall.

Online and Blended Teaching Institute
Online and Blended Teaching Institute now available in a self-paced format.

The Online and Blended Teaching Institute offers an independent, online, self-paced experience combined with full support and contact with the Learning Technology Center.  It showcases the work of Whitewater instructors and staff, allowing participants an opportunity to explore what has worked for their colleagues.   After an initial consultation, participants will complete a series of short online assignments, be provided a sandbox to design content, and develop objectives and activities to serve as an exemplar module.  This course will take an estimated 30 hours to complete during the Spring semester.

For more information or to enroll in this exciting training, contact Ted Witt at wittt@uww.edu. 

Canvas Update (11/19/2023)

On Saturday November 19, Instructure will deploy the latest release to the Canvas environment. The highlights of this release are listed below. The full release notes are also available.

  • Outcomes – Outcome Alignment Summary Tab:  Instructors can quickly view a summary of alignments to the Outcomes in their course. Additionally, instructors can use a filter to view all Outcomes, view only those with alignments or those without alignments. 
  • Pages – Schedule Page Publication: The Schedule Page Publication default status has been updated. Instructors can delay pages for publication on a specific date and time. Scheduled pages remain invisible to students until the publish date and time.
  • SpeedGrader – Multi-File Submission Display as Single Submission for Third Party Tools: When using third-party tools to upload assignments, multiple files submitted together will display as a single submission in Speedgrader. This update allows instructors to view submissions with multiple files together in SpeedGrader.

If you have any questions or concerns about the service pack updates, or even just curious about how they can help you, please contact UW-W Canvas Support.

[RESOLVED] Canvas Unplanned Outage (09/21/2022)

RESOLVED: Between 1:00 PM and 1:45 PM on Wednesday, September 21st users may have had issues accessing Canvas. The issue has been resolved. Please reach out to Canvas 24/7 support for any additional issues.

Beginning at roughly 1:00PM on Wednesday, September 21st users may have started receiving timeout and gateway errors when accessing Canvas. The vendor was aware of the issue and promptly began investigating.

Resolved: 1:45PM the issue was resolved, and service was restored.

Canvas Update (03/19/2022)

On Saturday March 19, Instructure deployed the latest release to the Canvas environment. The highlights of this release are listed below. The full release notes are also available.

  • Gradebook – Enhanced Gradebook Filters:  When the Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature preview is enabled for a course, instructors can create filters that can be saved or used one time.
  • Rich Content Editor – Equation Editor Update: When a user creates equations in the Rich Content Editor, the Equation Editor displays an updated user interface.
  • New Quizzes – Item Bank Filtering Terminology Adjustments: In New Quizzes item banks, the All My Banks and All My Course Banks filters have been replaced as the All Banks and Banks Shared to Course filters. Additionally, the This Course filter has been added to the filter options.

If you have any questions or concerns about the service pack updates, or even just curious about how they can help you, please contact UW-W Canvas Support.

Learning Analytics to Support Student Success

A screenshot showing the banner of Canvas New Analytics

Canvas Learning Analytics offer instructors detailed insight into student performance and engagement, especially useful to connect with under-performing students before it is too late.

New to Canvas Analytics? No problem! Jump into the data with an introduction on March 1 (1pm) or March 9 (9am)

Do you already have a handle on learning analytics or are you looking for a deeper exploration? Come to the presentation, “Use Canvas Analytics for Better Teaching Learning” to explore the following questions:

  • Is there some material that can receive less in-class attention?
  • Is there some material that needs to be circled back to multiple times?
  • Is there anything I can do to identify at-risk students before it is too late?

Register in advance for this presentation offered on March 8, 2022 at 1pm and Mach 16, 2022 at 9am!

Consult our full calendar of events for more information about all of our workshops and presentations. The LTC offers individual and small-group consultations on a variety of topics and services – simply fill out our online consultation form to get started!

February @ LTC

It might be chilly outside, but the learning is alive and well at the Learning Technology Center! Join us for a workshop, discussion group, or a one-on-one consultation about how to more deeply integrate technology in your office or classes.

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Campus TechnologyWebexMore Information

Starting Soon!

This month, we kickstart a series of workshops and presentations around the themes of flipped classrooms where students engage in active learning opportunities before coming to class to more deeply apply learning.

  • Flipped Learning Fundamentals – examine the fundamentals of flipped learning to design your course in a hybrid manner to support the flipped classroom, apply active learning techniques, and discuss methods to engage students.
  • Adaptive Learning Community of Practice – Join the LTC as we re-explore adaptive learning strategies through the use of Realizeit and launch and new Community of Practice!
  • Universal Design for Learning – Explore the principles of UDL that offer students multiple means of engagement with course materials, representations of their understanding, and meaningful action and expression based on their learning.

EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues in Higher Education

On February 3, 2022 we “Set Sail” in a long-term study and discussion of the EDUCAUSE Top 10 Issues in Higher Education. Every two weeks, we will gather to discuss various challenges our campus faces and whether advances in information technology can offer any pathways forward. Some speakers in this series include CIO Elena Pokot (ICIT) and Dean Frank Goza (College of Letters and Science)!

Check out our previous blog post to learn more and register in advance!

Canvas Training

Improving the student experience is the focus of quite a few workshops this month:

We offer several opportunities to have your gradebook set up, get a check-up on any quizzes you are offering, and to discover options within Canvas to grade more efficiently and with meaningful feedback for all students.

Campus Technology

Whether you’re new to campus or just want to develop stronger skills and abilities with campus technology, we’re here to help. Numerous opportunities are available each month that present new features and suggestions for best use:


With the upcoming transition from Jabber to the Webex App (formerly Webex Teams), you may want to learn how to Get Started with Webex!

Join us as well for a workshop on how to lead more impactful and meaningful events and meetings through Webex.

UW-Whitewater’s cutting-edge use of Webex was recently recognized by Cisco! Be sure to check out the article featuring our very own Kirsten Mortimer!

More Information

Consult our full calendar of events for more information or to register in advance!

New to campus or looking for a refresher? Sign up for “Campus Technology: Resources to Help You Succeed” or check out our on-demand technology orientation to get you started at UW-Whitewater!

The LTC offers individual and small group consultations on a variety of topics and services, please email ltc@uww.edu to learn more and get started! Subscribe to our blog for frequent technology updates and information about our workshops, campus events, and other announcements.

If you require assistance or have questions on campus technology, please feel free to contact the Help Desk. Outside of Help Desk hours, we invite you to search our Knowledge Base for helpful articles on using and troubleshooting campus technology.

Canvas Update (01/15/2022)

On Saturday January 15, Instructure deployed the latest release to the Canvas environment. The highlights of this release are listed below. The full release notes are also available.

  • New Quizzes – Content Import Terminology Adjustment:  The Import Assessment Content as New Quizzes checkbox has been replaced as the Import Existing Quizzes as New Quizzes checkbox.
  • Gradebook – Missing Status Removal: When a grade is entered manually for a missing submission, the missing status is removed.
  • Courses – Course Navigation Menu State: The Expand/Collapse state of the Course Navigation Menu now persist throughout all Canvas Courses.
  • Modules – Modules Link State: When an External URL or LTI tool is added to a module, the state of the Load in New Tab checkbox is retained for all additional link entries. 
  • SpeedGrader – Unposted Comment Warning: Graders are notified about unposted comments when attempting to navigate away.

If you have any questions or concerns about the service pack updates, or even just curious about how they can help you, please contact UW-W Canvas Support.

Spring 2022 @ LTC

The Learning Technology Center is offering a full roster of learning opportunities ranging from training on the nuts and bolts of Webex and Canvas to rethinking traditional student learning and engagement. Consult our full calendar to see all sessions and to register in advance. LTC workshops are open to faculty, staff, and student employees.

Can’t join at the scheduled time or missed a session? No problem, schedule an individual meeting with the LTC. Links to previously recorded materials are often available too. 

Don’t see a session on something you would like to learn more about? Let us know! We look forward to meeting your needs as best we can – email ltc@uww.edu with your request. And, don’t forget, LinkedIn Learning offers thousands of industry-vetted on-demand courses!

Click any session title below to see dates and links for registration.

General Campus Technology

Instructional Workshops

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Getting Started Each Semester: 

Assessment and Feedback

Course Navigation and Design

Learning Analytics