Welcome Back Workshops with the LTC!

The August sunshine in Whitewater brings both warm days and the return to campus! The LTC is excited to welcome back our instructional community and have prepared a slew of workshop offerings to make the start of the semester seamless. 

Canvas Sessions

Whether you are building your first or last Canvas course, the LTC has training for all! *Please note the Canvas and Technology Open Lab is on the UW-Whitewater Rock County campus.

Canvas RefresherWednesday, August 23rd2 to 3 pmMcGraw 19c
Canvas Introduction Thursday, August 24th9 to 10 amMcGraw 19c
Canvas and Technology Open Lab Thursday, August 24th2 to 3 pm*UW Rock Allen Hall 03/04
Course Design and Open LabFriday, August 25th9 am to 12 pmWebex
Using Canvas as Grading FeedbackFriday, August 25th10 to 11 amMcGraw 19c
Course Design and Open LabFriday, September 1st1 to 4 pmWebex

Artificial Generative Intelligence Sessions

Explore the basics of AI and get caught up on recent updates at Introduction to Artificial Generative Intelligence on August 31st; 3 to 4:30 pm in McGraw 19A / Hybrid.

Campus Technology Sessions

The goal of these sessions is to familiarize attendees with campus technology tools and support services. Please note: “Campus and Instructional Tech for Instructors” is aimed at instructors, but will cover the same content as “Campus Technology: Resources to help you succeed”. 

Campus and Instructional Tech for InstructorsMonday, August 28th 10:45 am to 12 pmMcGraw 117
Campus Technology: Resources to Help You Succeed Friday, September 1st 9 to 10 amMcGraw 19A / Hybrid 

Technology Open House

Hosted by IT Services, Technology Open House (TOH), held on Wednesday, August 30th; 1 – 4 pm in McGraw Hall, instructors, staff, and students can learn about technology tools, services, and resources designed to help everyone succeed at UW-Whitewater! Anyone who attends TOH will receive an early access pass to the next Technology Surplus Sale! Register below to be entered into the raffle drawing!

Don’t see what you are looking for? Reach out directly to the LTC or request a consultation. A full list of Welcome Back Week Events can be found in the UW-Whitewater Events Calendar