Spring LTC Workshops – Register NOW! 

Snow, ice, and blustery wind chills have you stuck inside? Learn something new with The Learning Technology Center (LTC)! Our Spring Programming is now available! If these topics or times do not fit your needs, please request a consultation with the LTC! 

Campus Technology Trainings – These trainings focus on technology specific to UW-Whitewater, suitable for those new to campus or looking for a refresher! 

TitleShort DescriptionDateTimeRegistration Link
Webex Basics for EveryoneA workshop for the academic community to master Webex for effective communication, collaboration, and document sharing.02/073 PMRegister!
Google Drive Basics for EveryoneLearn Google Drive essentials for efficient document management, real-time collaboration, and secure data handling in an academic setting.02/143 PMRegister!

Generative AI – Our spring slate of generative AI workshops are designed to support instructors, administrators, or other campus employees wherever they are on their AI journey. Our Introductory workshop is perfect for those just getting started, while our more advanced offerings on prompt writing and content creation are suitable for anyone with a strong AI interest. 

TitleShort DescriptionDateTimeRegistration Link
Introduction to Generative AIDiscover the basics, opportunities, and limitations of generative AI in education, including tools and implications for classroom use.01/2611 AMRegister!
Building Course Materials Using AIEnhance your teaching materials using AI, with hands-on experience in creating AI-enhanced educational content.01/313:15 PMRegister!
AI Detection and PreventionDive into AI and academic integrity, exploring AI text detection methods, their accuracy and ethical implications in academia.02/0611:15 AMRegister!
Teaching AI Scripting: How to Write PromptsMaster the art of AI scripting to generate effective AI outputs, fostering creativity and critical thinking in various subjects.02/1610 AMRegister!
Spotting Deepfakes: Exploring Content CredentialingEquip yourself to identify and tackle deepfakes and AI-generated misinformation, fostering critical digital literacy in students.03/133:15 PMRegister!
AI Ethics in Higher EducationExplore the ethical aspects of AI in academia, discussing bias, privacy, and its impact on academic integrity.04/1112 PMRegister!

Quality Course Improvement – This series offers educators comprehensive tools and strategies to enhance online learning effectiveness and student success.

TitleShort DescriptionDateTimeRegistration Link
Leveraging Canvas Analytics for Student RetentionLearn to use Canvas Analytics to identify at-risk students and implement retention strategies, enhancing student retention and support.02/283 PMRegister!
Time-Saving Methods for Grading and Providing Feedback in Canvas CoursesDiscover efficient grading techniques and feedback automation in Canvas to save time while providing meaningful student feedback.03/063 PMRegister!
Advanced Canvas Features for Course DesignersAdvanced workshop for seasoned course designers to master Canvas features, design interactive content, and optimize online learning experiences.04/033 PMRegister!
Enhancing the Learning Experience with MultimediaExplore how to engage students using multimedia and technology to create interactive and immersive learning experiences.04/103 PMRegister!

Canvas Trainings – Whether you are a seasoned Canvas expert or building your first course, the LTC has developed trainings for all! Join us this spring as we cover a variety of topics, from improving navigation, to grade books, to building pages. No specific questions but want to work on your course under the eye of our Canvas expert? Check out the monthly Canvas Open Labs!  

TitleShort DescriptionDate(s)TimeRegistration Link
Improving Course Navigation in CanvasThis session will talk about the best practices around setting up your course navigation, getting the most out of your Syllabus area and calendar, laying out your modules in a meaningful way, and using announcements to prepare students for each week. 01/2312 PMRegister!
Setting Up Canvas Grade BooksIn this hands-on session about setting up both points based and weighted gradebooks, we will ensure that your Assignment Groups have the same name as in your syllabus, any needed rules are applied to your Assignment Groups, and that you have a Grade Scheme that matches your syllabus.01/2512 PMRegister!
Course Design and Open LabDuring this online lab session we will be available to instructors working in Canvas, to help answer questions as they arise.01/31 2 PMRegister!
Setting Up Canvas Now, For Better Data LaterFind out what data is already available to you in Canvas, and start setting up materials so you can get even more out of future versions of your course.02/072 PMRegister!
What Students Want in CanvasThis training will focus on making a series of small, easy, and optional, shifts from your current course design to a setup backed by feedback from student panels conducted right here at UW-Whitewater.02/142 PMRegister! 
Faster Grading with Better FeedbackWe will revamp quiz questions to address student misconceptions, update rubrics for precise feedback, and explore SpeedGrader’s new Comment Library.02/282 PMRegister! 
Better Courses Through Better PagesThis synchronous training is meant as a supplement to our asynchronous, self-paced resource designed to help instructors take lengthy modules, and turn them into sleek pages.03/063 PMRegister! 
04/032 PM
Making Canvas Grades Accurate for Midterms In this workshop, we’ll focus on managing student grade concerns by aligning Canvas features with your syllabus, including setting zeros for missing work, properly weighting assignment groups, and adjusting the course’s Grade Scheme.03/202 PMRegister! 
Higher Integrity Quizzes in CanvasThis session will explore enhancing quiz integrity beyond monitoring software by using the assessment description for rules reminders, setting up timed and randomized questions, utilizing various question types to hinder answer lookups, and focusing on skill application.03/272 PMRegister! 
Making Canvas Grades Accurate for FinalsIn this workshop, we’ll focus on managing student grade concerns by aligning Canvas features with your syllabus, including setting zeros for missing work, properly weighting assignment groups, and adjusting the course’s Grade Scheme.05/012 PMRegister! 
Canvas eGradingThe eGrading process allows instructors to transfer final grades from their Canvas Gradebook directly to their WINS Grade Roster. During this training, we will go over the process, and utilize breakout rooms to look at individual gradebooks as needed.05/082 PMRegister!