D2L eGrading

Desire2Learn logoThe D2L eGrading process allows instructors to transfer final grades from their D2L Gradebook to their WINS Grade Roster in a few simple steps. This greatly streamlines the grade submission process at the end of the term for those instructors who use the D2L gradebook.

For complete instructions on the steps to getting your grades exported, please see the D2L WINS eGrading page on our Instructional Resources wiki. For more frequently asked questions on the process, please see our eGrading FAQ wiki page.

New D2L Documentation for Students

Desire2Learn has provided new documentation specifically for student (or “Learner”) audiences. We’ve edited this documentation to better reflect our instance of D2L, and it is now available for our students.

The documentation covers all the basic tools available in D2L courses, including Quizzes, Dropbox, Discussions, and more, and also covers basic tasks within these tools.

Please visit the Student D2L Documentation site to take a look!

What’s New in 9.2.1 and New Documentation

Now that we’ve upgraded to version 9.2.1 for the Desire2Learn, we have some new features and updates we’d like you to be aware of, including an overview of our new login page and information sites. For more information, please see the “What’s New” wiki page.

In addition to the updating the D2L Learning Environment documentation for version 9.2.1, we have also added ePortfolio documentation. Please take a look at our D2L version 9.2.1 documentation site. (Please note that you may be prompted to log in when accessing this site.)

Get a Jump Start Using D2L in Your Course!

Don’t reinvent the wheel — use the “D2L Starter Course (v.2)” developed to allow you to quickly leverage D2L in an online, hybrid, or face-to-face class format.

The recently updated D2L Starter Course (v.2) is a D2L course that includes a number of useful templates and other resources available for you to copy and modify for use in your D2L courses. The templates provided meet Quality Matters guidelines. Faculty and Staff who have used the D2L “Start Module” in the past will be interested in exploring the new resources available, including the following items:

  • D2L Rubric Tool for online discussions that can be linked to the gradebook or the dropbox
  • an “Are You Ready for Online” quiz intended to help students build their confidence and encourage success when taking an online course
  • mid-course student evaluation survey to help you gauge that the course is meeting your (and your students’) expectations
  • Lockdown Browser quiz to ensure your students are prepared to take a D2L quiz that is set up to use Lockdown Brower
  • suggested wording for News announcements to post in online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses
  • discussion starter ideas for online discussions administered in the D2L discussion forum
  • activity templates for commentaries, assignments, and discussions

We welcome any suggestions or comments about the new starter course. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the resources we provide to support faculty and staff. For questions of more information, please contact the Learning Technology Center at ltc@uww.edu or at 262-472-1004.

How to Register for Starter Course

To register for this course, log into D2L, click on the “Self-Registration” link (located in the upper-right hand corner of the page near the “Logout” link), and then click on the title “D2L Starter Course (v.2).” Once the “Self Registering Course Offerings” screen opens, click on “D2L Starter Course (v.2)” then click on the “Register” button at the bottom right of the screen. After registering you will see “D2L Starter Course (v.2)” appear within your “Instructor tab” in the folder entitled “OTHER – Courses With No Semester.”

Once registered, you may review the various tools and resources available to copy into your course. Please do not edit the original “D2L Starter Course (v.2)”. This is used by faculty across campus.