How to get your “Beach Bod”

Beach Bod PhotoBy: Eric Hess

With beach season around the corner (hopefully), we are all trying to perfect our ‘beach bod’. And even though we seem to be putting in the hours, we still can’t get to the point where we want. Now why is that?

The number one reason is probably that most of us are eating like crap. Hoping for a perfect body while eating McDonalds every day is like trying to become a billionaire by staring at a wall. In order to lose weight, we need to burn more calories than we are taking in, and we should make sure that they are “good” calories…nutrient-dense calories. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times but looking good all starts in the kitchen. And remember to drink more water! In a study done the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it proves that nearly half of Americans do not drink enough water daily! Drinking water has endless benefits and is so easy to do.

If your diet isn’t the problem, maybe you are being too simple with your workouts. Add weight to your workouts, or get off of the floor when you do your workouts. Adding resistance to your workouts is what stimulates your muscle fibers and really promotes the growth you are looking for. Exercises that require you to be more mobile and utilize a full range of motion will strengthen your stability and balance abilities rather that if you are laying flat on the ground. Try using medicine balls for the extra weight during your usual core workouts or try some new ones like these.

Remember the importance of cardio. Cardio is left out in a lot of people’s weekly workout routines. Cardio doesn’t have to be boring or dreadful either. Play a sport you enjoy with some friends if that’s what you like. Join a club that will keep you active or start walking every morning. Anything that will burn calories and get your heart going will be beneficial to help you achieve the ‘beach bod’ you are looking for.

Another thing that can be hurting you is overdoing your core workouts. Even your core needs time to regenerate and rest. Doing core workouts ever single day isn’t going to help the process. On the days that you aren’t doing core, go for a run instead.

Now you also have to realize that like anything, progress takes time. You cannot expect huge results after only a week. Patience is a virtue, especially when in comes to something like working out. Don’t give up. Eat clean. Work hard. Drink lots of water.

Yesterday you said tomorrow
-Eric Hess

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