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Making Self-Care a Priority

Making Self-Care a Priority

Practicing self-care is not always an easy task when we have everything else going on in the world and our daily lives. Between school, work, and every other thing we must do in a day, it’s easy to look past taking care of ourselves.  You 

5 No-Equipment Workouts

5 No-Equipment Workouts

With the unfortunate impacts COVID-19 has had on the world, at home workouts have becomeincreasingly popular. I know from personal experience there are so many different movementsand exercises you can do that require no equipment. Even small gym equipment like dumbbellsand yoga mats can get 

HELLO, autumn and healthy eating!

HELLO, autumn and healthy eating!

Starting to eat healthier options can sometimes feel like a hurdle you can’t overcome. Sometimes it starts off well and keeping the routine of healthy eating can be more difficult than starting. 

Being healthy takes both exercise and putting good ingredients in your body. If you want to feel healthier it takes two parts of eating healthy foods with healthy ingredients as well as staying active. 

This blog is designated to provide substitutes to ingredients that you use in everyday meals to help those who want to feel healthier and keep a routine of eating healthier for yourself! This blog contains a list of substitutes or alternatives to ingredients for your everyday meals and make them a healthier meal. Exchanging some of those fattening ingredients in some of your favorite meals will keep you from having to cut out your favorite foods and not have a restricted diet in an attempt to be healthier. 


  • Butter substitute with olive oil, coconut oil, applesauce, nut butter, avocado
  • Butter substitute with cooking spray
  • Cheese substitute with veggies
  • Cream substitute with organic whole milk or coconut cream
  • Low-fat cheese substitute with goat cheese 
  • Sour cream substitute with fat-free or Greek yogurt 


  • Bagel substitute with English muffins
  • Breadcrumbs substitute with ground flaxseeds
  • Cereal substitute with oatmeal
  • Chips substitute with fruit, veggies, or popcorn
  • Couscous substitute with quinoa
  • Crouton substitute with nuts
  • Flour tortilla substitute with corn tortilla
  • Fries substitute with side salad
  • Granola substitute with nuts
  • Instant oatmeal substitute with whole grain oats
  • Pasta substitute with multigrain, chickpea, or whole-wheat pasta
  • Pasta substitute with spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles
  • Potato chips substitute with jicama or kale chips
  • Potatoes substitute with cauliflower
  • Regular pizza crust substitute with thin crust
  • Rice substitute with riced cauliflower
  • Tortilla substitute with lettuce wrap
  • White rice substitute with brown rice


  • Candy substitute with homemade chocolate trail mix or dates
  • Cookies substitute with oatmeal energy balls
  • Fruit drinks substitute with whole fruits
  • Fruit snacks substitute with organic fruit leathers
  • Milk chocolate substitute with dark chocolate
  • Mimosa substitute with Bloody Mary
  • Soda substitute with flavored water
  • Sugar substitute with cinnamon or sugar-free applesauce in baking


  • Egg whites substitute with whole eggs
  • Flour substitute with whole wheat flour
  • Ground beef substitute with ground turkey or chicken
  • Mayo substitute with hummus
  • Salt substitute with fresh herbs

Other Alternatives:

  • Burrito substitute with rice bowl
  • Coffee substitute with green tea
  • Cream based soups substitute with Chili
  • Hummus & pita substitute with hummus & veggies
  • Lettuce (iceberg or romaine) substitute with spinach, kale, or arugula
  • Peanut butter substitute with low fat peanut butter
  • Store-bought salad dressing substitute with homemade dressing

You can read more information about these substitutes here. Substituting ingredients in your snacks and meals can change your diet without completely cutting foods. Swapping out unhealthy ingredients can really make a difference in your health. Sometimes it is more work to cook or it’s very tempting to order the fries instead of a veggie, but ultimately you should feel healthier for your needs and wants! Happy Eating!

Strive for progress not perfection!

A Simple 30 Minutes of Fitness Activity

A Simple 30 Minutes of Fitness Activity

Ever since the start of the pandemic about a year ago it has been really hard for me to gainmotivation, especially in the gym. Because we are going through such unprecedented timesright now I think that it is nice to give yourself a break from