It’s Getting Steamy Up in Here

What is up my Warhawks? It’s your favorite Fitness Supervisor Harv back again to share some more knowledge with my loyal readers. This blog is a little late in my opinion, but I didn’t unlock the true potential of the topic I’m writing about today until this past week. Hawks…. I can’t stress this enough this is going to be life-changing. I know what you’re all thinking, “Harv! Get on with it” well I won’t stall any longer. This holiday season my loving mother and father, sup mom and dad I know you read these, gifted me with a pressure cooker. This thing is like a crock pot steroids, antler velvet, and every other human growth hormone combined. You can cook just about anything in this bad boy in under 30 minutes. I have made countless recipes over this semester in this one-stop shop of a pot. Continue reading

Heavily Meditated

Meditation…one of the hardest and confusing things I’ve tried. Meditation is such a weird concept. How can sitting still in one place, and breathing deeply help you? Don’t we already do that in class? Yes BUT it’s different, I swear. In order to begin understanding Meditation, you need to know the textbook definition of it.



verb Continue reading


It’s Monday. And it’s cold. And there’s ten classes, four shifts and two meetings that I have to go too this week. Winter is a dreary time, and especially with plummeting temperatures, it’s been hard to keep myself upbeat this week. Another thing that I have dropped down on Is exercise. It’s cold, where can a place to exercise be found? Continue reading

Holly, Jolly and Jammin’

Well Warhawks, I hate to say this, but the holidays are over. Decorations are coming down, lights on trees and houses alike are being removed, and the festive smelling holiday candles are being put away. Everyone is sad that the holidays are over… or may be just that the break is coming to an end. Even though the holidays have gone away, that doesn’t mean the holiday music must stop. In my opinion, holiday music shouldn’t just be listened to through the holiday season, but year round if you enjoy it. Holiday music has the power to put individuals in a happy mood and mindset thus creating a healthier mindset. Listening to music when working out gets individuals pumped up and feeling good. Now imagine listening to some holiday music to work out to. Here are fifteen of the best holiday songs to get holly, jolly, and pumped to. Continue reading