Struggling with Senioritis: Suggestions to Succeed

Senioritis- OpinionDo you find yourself struggling to pay attention in class and really not caring about homework and studying like you did in the beginning of the year? Do you find yourself dreading going to class more now then you did during the polar vortex?  If so, you can tell spring has sprung!

As the weather begins to change you’re now waking up to the shining sun and chirping birds, and the last place you want to be is sitting in back to back classes, listening to professor’s lecture. You may notice your attention begins to slip and you have no desire to do anything school-related. Seniors seem to be affected the most around this time of year; us seniors call that “senioritis”. Beware, it is very easy to catch and hard to get rid of.

Senioritis predominantly arises in the spring semester, and it occurs when priorities often shift from academics to one’s social life. Although it is called senioritis, it affects students of all grades; however, for many seniors the only cure seems to be graduation.

Although you may want to slack off and ditch class to enjoy the last few weeks of the semester, remember you don’t want to ruin all the hard work that you have put in thus far, so here are some tips for overcoming senioritis.

Take care of yourself.  This is often a stressful time of the year because you are either trying to get everything done before the end of the semester, or you are busy preparing for life after graduation.  Your diet and sleep patterns can affect you mentally and physically, so make sure you are taking care of yourself.  Try putting aside some time to help your body and your mind by coming to a group fitness class, such as yoga.

Plan ahead.  If you avoid putting everything off until last minute stress levels often rise.  By planning ahead you will have more time to do things that want to do, and you won’t have to miss out on having a good time with all your friends.

Avoid cramming. If you spend a little time each day studying you will retain the information better, and you won’t have to spend 10hours in the library on a 70 degree day trying to memorize two months’ worth of notes.

Get motivated. “Your motivation at the end of your senior year … is a pretty good indication in terms of your motivation for the next stage of your life,” says Sara Hamon, the assistant dean of undergraduate studies at Florida State University. Don’t let slacking off affect your future. Participate in challenges such as the Indoor Ironman, to keep you up and moving to keep you motivated until the end.

Have fun. Your time here will go by faster than you think, so take the time to create lasting friendships and enjoy your college experience.

Steph Punda 🙂


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