New for Clickers: ReponseWare

ResponseWare is a web-based polling application from Turning Technologies that lets participants use the devices they use most, such as their mobile devices and computers. Participants using smartphones, laptops, and other Internet-connected devices can respond in real-time to interactive polling questions.

This application can be used as a replacement for a clicker keypad, and a ResponseWare license can be purchased directly from Turning Technologies via their “Student Store” website. Students who opt to use the ResponseWare enjoy the benefits of cost savings and are not required to keep track of and maintain a separate clicker keypad device.

Both ResponseWare and clicker keypads can be used in the classroom simultaneously, thereby allowing instructors to accommodate students with and without a personal mobile device.  To use both ResponseWare and clicker keypads, instructors simply enable use of ResponseWare within the Turning Point software that is already used.

For more information on ResponseWare, please see either the ResponseWare for Instructors wiki page or the ResponseWare for Students wiki page. For more information on clickers and TurningPoint, please see the Clicker Resources page.