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Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show is by far the biggest and most prestigious throughout the entire world. This is the place where top car makers come to show off their latest designs and concepts. It a place where exclusive access can… Continue Reading →

Car Care. The Little Things

This post will consist of many different pieces of advice. I wanted to write about things you can to do your car in under 20 minutes that will improve them in various different ways. The first thing I will go… Continue Reading →

2019 Honda Civic Review

Since its creation back in 1972 the Honda Civic has been a notable cornerstone in automotive history. To date over sixteen million of these cars have been sold around the world. But fast tracking to 2019, the newest Civic is… Continue Reading →

Audi R8 Review

When it comes to Audi line up no car competes next to the R8. This car has always been a favorite of mine for many reasons. The first being its relative affordability. Specifically for many European super car companies the… Continue Reading →

Caffeine and Chrome

  The Caffeine and Chrome car show is one that is like none other. Instead of having an all around car show this club is exclusive to those who own classic cars. This club is one of the biggest in… Continue Reading →

2005 Dodge Viper Review

This special car review holds very personal to my heart, rather than my traditional review I will be taking an in depth look at my time and experiences with this amazing vehicle.   The 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 is not… Continue Reading →

Car Dent Removal

If you’ve ever had any sized dents in your car you know how much of an annoyance it can be. For those who take pride in what their car looks like a dent is something out of a horror movie…. Continue Reading →

Ford GT and Mustang GT Review

Here’s a dream garage, fords greatest gifts, A 2005 Ford GT above a 2008 Supercharged Mustang GT. Both of these cars are synonymous within the brand of Ford. The Ford GT being the most powerful and expensive car produced, and… Continue Reading →

Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee is an organization that is alive throughout the country. This group has shows that take place in over 200 cities and in almost every single state. Being that I live in Wisconsin I thought it would be… Continue Reading →

How to Fix a Flat Tire

When coming across a flat tire there could be a variety of reasons why its flat. There could be a hole in it or even a bad seal around the rim. If the seal is bad between the rim and… Continue Reading →

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