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Car Care. The Little Things

This post will consist of many different pieces of advice. I wanted to write about things you can to do your car in under 20 minutes that will improve them in various different ways. The first thing I will go… Continue Reading →

Car Dent Removal

If you’ve ever had any sized dents in your car you know how much of an annoyance it can be. For those who take pride in what their car looks like a dent is something out of a horror movie…. Continue Reading →

How to Fix a Flat Tire

When coming across a flat tire there could be a variety of reasons why its flat. There could be a hole in it or even a bad seal around the rim. If the seal is bad between the rim and… Continue Reading →

Proper Exterior Cleaning

In the fast paced world that we live in today it’s easy to see why so many people have scratches and paint swirls in their paint jobs. There is in fact a right and a wrong way to cleaning ones… Continue Reading →

How to Change your Oil

    For many people changing ones oil is something that was always left up to the professionals. However the process is actually quite simple and easy, as long as you have a few basic tools. First off most cars… Continue Reading →

Wheel and Tire Cleaning

There are many different products throughout the automotive industry that are used to clean both the inside and outside of them. But when it comes to rims and tires this could be one of the most toughest things to clean… Continue Reading →

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