The Geneva Motor Show is by far the biggest and most prestigious throughout the entire world. This is the place where top car makers come to show off their latest designs and concepts. It a place where exclusive access can be granted to cars that have never been seen by the public eye before. Every year this show is held in Switzerland, making it closer for the majority or European car makers. This is the type of car show where innovation and technology come face to face with the real world. This show has such an impact that every year over 600,000 people from around the world go to visit. With over 900 exposed cars could you really blame these people.

Date: March 5th through the 15th, every year.

Location: Switzerland


Personally it has been a lifelong goal and dream of mine to make it to this show at least once. Not only would I get exclusive access to the newest cars in the world but you also get to be in Switzerland itself. This show also highly focuses on super cars which is my cup of tea. Being around millions of dollars of some of the finest research and development from around the world would be breathtaking.

During these shows there are a wide range of vehicles being displayed. You can see anything from fully bullet proof trucks to multi million dollar crystal Lamborghini’s. From fully electric super cars to formula one race cars, they simply have it all. Anyone who loves cars would not regret going to this show.