This post will consist of many different pieces of advice. I wanted to write about things you can to do your car in under 20 minutes that will improve them in various different ways. The first thing I will go through is how to make your foggy headlights look like new. Most people would be surprised that there’s an easy fix when it comes to foggy and hazy headlights. Specifically there are two main ways of cleaning headlights. The first one is with a specific product that is designed for removing headlight fog. These products are generally fairly cheap and do work very well.

They all include very easy and simple instructions as well. However if you don’t want to go out and buy a product another sneaky tip is to use toothpaste. I’ve done it myself and it does actually work, I was pleasantly surprised. Below I will list the steps needed for using headlight restorer and toothpaste to clean your headlights.

  1. Clean entire headlight areas.
  2. Apply small amount of headlight restorer or toothpaste to microfiber towel.
  3. Swirl material into the headlight, rubbing for a few minutes. *repeat step if necessary*
  4. Wash headlight off with damp microfiber towel.







The next little thing I want to bring up is more so a situation than anything else. Every year during our long winters people often get stuck in snowbanks or ditches. And an important thing to know is the possible way you can save yourself from an expensive tow. There are many different methods to get your spinning wheels some traction. One of which is actually using something that most people already have in their car, floor mats. You are able to use these by sticking them under your spinning tire to gain more traction than the snow or mud. This method I have actually tried myself and it did work and a couple tries at it. The next method you can use is actually kitty litter. Some people may be confused by this, why cat litter? Well like its advertised to do it soaks up liquids really well. So when you dump a large amount of it under your tires it gives them something sturdy to grip onto. It’s almost like driving on small crushed up rocks. This method I have also done with sand and it did work out very well. But I must say caution because it did take several bags of sand.