When coming across a flat tire there could be a variety of reasons why its flat. There could be a hole in it or even a bad seal around the rim. If the seal is bad between the rim and tire the only real option would be to take it to a professional. The tire would need to be removed and cleaned before putting it back on. For the post I will be going over the process of plugging a flat tire. There a several important steps before said fix can be done. Below are the required steps.

1. Buy a tire plug kit.





2. Locate where the tire is leaking air from.






3. Insert T handle that came with kit in and out of the hole 3 or 4 times. Thus removing excess rubber and dirt.







4. Use the T handle to insert the rubber sticky plug into the tire hole, making sure that it goes all the way through.





5. Remove T handle, plug should stay inside of tire.






6. Cut any excess plug showing outside the tire.






If the hole if too big for a plug then a patch may be required. To do this the tire must be removed from the rim, my recommendation would be to have a professional fix it. If you absolutely must drive I would say to use the spare tire.

Below I listed off a few places that tire plug kits can be purchased. Both brick and mortar and online stores are included.


Auto Zone



Home Depot