When it comes to Audi line up no car competes next to the R8. This car has always been a favorite of mine for many reasons. The first being its relative affordability. Specifically for many European super car companies the Audi R8 is actually one of the cheaper cars you could buy. Ranging from under a hundred thousand dollars all the way up to a quarter of a million dollars. They can be the best of both worlds in this sense. However just because it has a “low” price tag doesn’t mean it lacks in look or power. The powerful V10 motor used in this car is actually the exact same one used in Lamborghini Gallardo’s. Producing over 550 horsepower and torque to its all wheel drive system makes for a wicked fast car. The car was produced from 2006 up until present day. Since its origination the vehicle has come quite a far ways. Below is a picture of a 2006 Audi R8 compared to a 2019 Audi R8.






My father has owned one of these cars for a couple of years now and I can say that it’s by far the fastest and most unique car I’ve ever had the privilege of driving. The car itself is a two door with an available option for having a convertible. I foresee this car being built up into greater and greater versions of itself. Being Audi’s main performance car I don’t believe they will ever stop improving and producing this car. It’s the cornerstone for the company, especially within the professional racing world. But for the average R8 owner the car has turned from black and which into an array of colors. With countless research and development Audi has made a lifelong appreciation and application for the R8