The Caffeine and Chrome car show is one that is like none other. Instead of having an all around car show this club is exclusive to those who own classic cars. This club is one of the biggest in the country when it comes to classic cars. People from all around the country will come around the show off not only their cars but their project cars as well. Cars that might be completely unique and individualistic.

Dates: Last Saturday of every month, from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Location: Chicago, Detroit, Louisville, Indianapolis, Tampa, Houston and many more.





One great thing about this event is that it’s completely free to the public of all ages. All makes and models within classic cars are also welcome, ranging from vehicles made in the 50’s to the 90’s. with such a wide variety of showcase vehicles it’s now wonder the organization has grown to over 50,000 supporters around the country. The show is advertised as a very family friendly zone with lots to do besides look at cars. There are a variety of vendors and food options, as well as activities such as raffles and give away’s.

Personally I have never been to this event before, however I do follow their social media accounts and keep up. My passion for cars has generally surrounded that of super cars. However I do appreciated and understand classic cars spot in the car world. They truly are beautiful machines, many of which I think were before its time. Plus this variety within the car world is what makes it so interesting. If there were only one type of car show in the world there would be a lot less car enthusiasts.