Cars and Coffee is an organization that is alive throughout the country. This group has shows that take place in over 200 cities and in almost every single state. Being that I live in Wisconsin I thought it would be proper to go over a local event. After talking about the show itself I’m going to go over my own opinions about the show.

Wisconsin’s Cars and Coffee takes place in Lake Mills, which is just under an hour away from Milwaukee. One of the great things about this show is that it’s completely free and open to the public. Welcoming any car enthusiasts of any age. While at the event you are able to see a very wide range of vehicles. Some being very old 1960’s Porsche’s, and others being brand new Lamborghini’s. Aside from sports cars there are also a number of classic cars ranging from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. On top of these even there are occasionally special events for specific car type appreciation.Another great thing about this show is that it also doesn’t discriminate against cars. Below I have listed more information about the event.

Dates: First Sunday of each month, May through October; 8:00 am-11:00 am

Location: 119 Church St, Lake Mills, WI 53551


Personally I have been to this car show for the last couple of years. It becomes hard to explain the type of joy that seeing and hearing some of these cars bring me and many others. But being around many great cars and owners it makes me think that the organization is all about the people. Not to mention that during these shows there are raffles and different things you can buy. A large part of the proceeds then go towards local charities, which is a great way to boost public imagine.