This special car review holds very personal to my heart, rather than my traditional review I will be taking an in depth look at my time and experiences with this amazing vehicle.


The 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 is not only my first and one of favorite super cars to drive, but also the scariest. For anyone who has ever had the pleasure to get behind the wheel of one of these knows exactly what I mean. This car pushes out 500 horse power and 525 foot-pounds of torque straight to the back wheels. Which is being produced by a giant 505 cubic inch 8.3 Liter supercharged V-10. I remember the first day it showed up to my house, feeling overwhelmed and star struck. A 200 mph super car was sitting in my driveway just begging to be driven. The car itself was painted lime green with black leather seats and rims. The car also came with a one of a kind carbon fiber hood with the words “Venom 505” written near the top. All of the interior was stock except for the aftermarket $2000 radio and speakers. 4 tweeters, with 4 mid ranges and two 12 inch sub woofers were being pushed by over 3000 watts.



The first time I started it up and instant ear to ear smile was painted across my face. I had never heard anything like it before, the gurgling and backfire of the motor left shivers down my spine. Literally shaking the first time I sat inside, taking notice to the race car like dials vertically placed outside the dash. This was the first car I had ever driven that had a speedometer go to 220 mph. I didn’t know what to think until I was given the keys and told “take it for a joyride”. I’ll tell you what, that’s exactly what I did. I drove down the drive way and down the street into the suns horizon, waiting to unleash the best. As soon as I got onto an open road I build the rpm to 2000 in second gear and put it to the board. An instant overwhelming pressure built across my body as the car accelerated faster than anything id ever been in. Hitting almost 65 mph in second gear I slammed it into third and back hard onto the gas. Before I knew it I was doing over 100 mph, all in under 8 seconds. For those who are questioning why I didn’t initially floor the car in first gear is because it’s almost impossible.  I had tried that and with little to no effort or power the tires go wild. You’d think with 345/30’s the tires would be able to absorb that power smoothly, but you’d be wrong. Besides the handling and power of the vehicle it is a truly beautiful car. Half the excitement and joy out of driving the car was seeing the public’s reactions to it. People were blown away by the car, seeing numerous jaws literally drop at the sight of it shows that it truly is a piece of art. I can recall one day in August of 2016, casually driving down the road I look over to see a 5 series BMW lined up with me. The driver had rolled his window down to look at the Viper and exchange a few words with me. While being so distracted by looking at my car he nearly crashes into two other cars while swerving to miss a lane divider. No matter where I take the car or how I’m driving it, people always seem to love it. Which I believe is what bring a special connection between the car and the driver. If you are going to drive a car you would want it to represent who you are. For me the Dodge viper is it, everything from slow drives downtown to back road ½ miles, this car is absolutely amazing.