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2019 Honda Civic Review

Since its creation back in 1972 the Honda Civic has been a notable cornerstone in automotive history. To date over sixteen million of these cars have been sold around the world. But fast tracking to 2019, the newest Civic is… Continue Reading →

Audi R8 Review

When it comes to Audi line up no car competes next to the R8. This car has always been a favorite of mine for many reasons. The first being its relative affordability. Specifically for many European super car companies the… Continue Reading →

2005 Dodge Viper Review

This special car review holds very personal to my heart, rather than my traditional review I will be taking an in depth look at my time and experiences with this amazing vehicle.   The 2005 Dodge Viper SRT-10 is not… Continue Reading →

Ford GT and Mustang GT Review

Here’s a dream garage, fords greatest gifts, A 2005 Ford GT above a 2008 Supercharged Mustang GT. Both of these cars are synonymous within the brand of Ford. The Ford GT being the most powerful and expensive car produced, and… Continue Reading →

Ford F-150 Review

The ford F-150 has been around for quite some time, in fact since 1975. Not only has it been one of the best selling pick up trucks of all time but its also one of the cheapest. In comparison the… Continue Reading →

Nissan Altima Review

  Over the years the Nissan Altima has changed quite considerably. The picture above is a 2008 model, now 11 years later the design and overall layout of the car has change drastically.The latest and greatest 2019 model is a… Continue Reading →

2010 Volkswagen CC R-Line Review

  One of my favorite cars I’ve ever had is actually the one I currently have. I purchased it back in 2017 after discovering it on Craigslist while looking for a new vehicle. Its a 2010 Volkswagen CC R-Line. I bought… Continue Reading →

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