If you’ve ever had any sized dents in your car you know how much of an annoyance it can be. For those who take pride in what their car looks like a dent is something out of a horror movie. However luckily for all of us there are a few different methods used for getting unwanted dents out of your car. Below I will go over three different options. The first one method will be with a professionally used dent remover. The second one will be be one that you can do right from home with some water. Lastly will be a way that many people might find a bit strange, with a plunger.

Depending on both the size and the location of the dent various methods might have to be use. For a big dent, for example one in a door, I would use the plunger method. But say there is a dent on your plastic bumper, I would use the boiling water trick. Lastly if you have smaller, almost hail sized dents I would use the professionally rated dent remover.


Professional Dent Remover:

This device is designed to be used on Specifically smaller sized dents. Something that a traditional dent remover couldn’t fix. The best way to use this device is with its adhesive that it comes with. You should start by filling the dent you want removed with this adhesive compound. After it dries completely the device can then be used. Within the center of this device there is a small set of clamps. Use these to grasp onto the compound within the dents. After the clamps are attached you can begin to use the hand levers to pull the clamps upward and thus removing the dent




Boiling Water:

With this fix it is important to note that you will be using boiling water and proper safety precautions should be taken. This method is also best used on dented areas that are not on a flat surface. Much like this bumper in the picture above. In order to to this all you will need is simply boiling water. With the boiling water you should dump it over the dented area. Note that it may take a couple gallons of boiling water to accomplish. After getting the material soft with the boiling water use a light rubber mallet to pound around the dent.




This method works best for dents that are on large flat surfaces of areas of the car. This method is also as simple as it seems, all you need for this is a household plunger. But its important that its fairly new and has no previous damage done to it. Take the plunger and push it hard into the middle of the dent. After getting a proper sealed suction pull it towards you. This may take several attempts depending on the dent size and severity.