Taken By: Katie Stormer Photography

My name is Aidan Roesler, and I was born and raised in Madison Wisconsin. My life started in 1996 when I was blessed with amazing parents and loving siblings. One older brother and a younger sister and brother. My childhood started on the west side of Madison where I Lived in the same house up until I graduated High School in 2015. I graduated from Middleton High School with high aspirations of working within the automotive industry. I have always been very fascinated by cars since a young age. The way they look and the knowledge it takes to work on them mechanically is and was mind boggling. Throughout High School high school I was the person people came to when they wanted work done to their sound systems. Self taught, I learned much of what I know today through reading manuals and watching professional videos. However my schooling is a far path from what my true passion is. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been interested in cars. From common day commuter cars to the prestigious super cars and everything in between. My biggest influences for getting into them are my brother, Jake; father, Lance. My dad has always had a copious amount of cars throughout the years. Which gave both my brother and I a great opportunity to learn more about them. As well as giving me a chance at driving some truly masterful machines.

Post High School I started applying for a few different colleges around Wisconsin. After what seemed like an easy decision I committed to the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. I say easy because not only did my older bother graduated from the University but both my mom and step dad did as well. There was a lot of family history here, and I wanted to make sure it continued. I currently am in my senior year and am on track to graduate within a year. Initially coming to the University I was very confident about what I wanted to study. Business, I always wanted to learn more about business so I could one day open up my own. However along my academic path I found myself not very stimulated by the types of classes surrounding my major which was Entrepreneurship. During my second year I found a completely new major that actually surprised myself. I switched to Public Relations with a minor in Advertising, which I currently am still striving for my degree.