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Gingerbread House Tips

What would Christmas be without decorating a gingerbread house? Well it really wouldn’t be Christmas! My friend and I decided to build one and it could have gone a lot better but we managed to make it work. I am going to give some tips on how to create the perfect Gingerbread house. Tips: -When […]

Wreath Witherspoon

This idea came to me from a friend who is obsessed with The Mindy Project. There is an episode when Mindy creates a Reese Witherspoon wreath and thus it becomes a Wreath Witherspoon. I liked this idea of corny Christmas decoration jokes. I decided to attempt to make my own wreath Witherspoon. ┬áIt went well. […]

Preparing for a Holiday Team Dinner

Every year, my tennis team does a Holiday Team Dinner. This consists of both the Men and Women’s team getting together and having a potluck type of meal together. I decided to be brave and host the dinner at my house. I had to get decorations and decorate the whole place. I ended up just […]

Moving from Slime to Christmas

Christmas is finally here. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday mostly because of all the fun crafts and decorating I get to do. This last week I got my first tree thanks to black Friday shopping. I had gotten a tree for less than $30.00 at Target. The tree was a pain to put […]

Edible Starburst Slime

The first time that I had saw Starburst Slime was on Snapchat. This was at the beginning of the slime fad. I had thought that it looked kind of complicated and time consuming. I have never been one to want to waste Starburst. I took one for the team and decided to go for it. […]

Butter Slime

Butter Slime is one of the more appealing slimes out there. There is something about how spreadable it is that attracts people. This slime took me awhile to make because I had to order the ingredients from Amazon and from a foreign country. The clay that is used took over a month to get here. […]

Chewed Bubble Gum Slime

This is one of the more fun slimes. This slime is very easy to make. Most people have the extras laying around the house or could easily go and pick it up from the store. People call this chewed up bubble gum because it actually looks like it is partially chewed up bubble gum. The […]


Floam was one of my favorite things as a kid. I remember that Nickelodeon had always advertised it. I had always wanted to make it but never knew how until slime became popular. It was great that floam was becoming popular. It is probably one of the easiest slimes to make. You can use either […]

Icee Slime

This is one of my favorite slimes. This one you can either use a clear base or white glue base. I prefer a clear slime base because of the look that it has. This is one of the trickier slimes that I will be posting about. This slime is a lot of fun to look […]

Slime Containers

Slime needs to be kept in a closed place. I always compare this to Elementary school when my friends and I would all put glue on our hands and wait for it to dry. We would then peel if off for fun. The simple things. Glue does dry out and it dries out fairly quickly. […]