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Chewed Bubble Gum Slime

This is one of the more fun slimes. This slime is very easy to make. Most people have the extras laying around the house or could easily go and pick it up from the store. People call this chewed up bubble gum because it actually looks like it is partially chewed up bubble gum. The ones that I have seen have been either pink or yellow. Pink for bubblegum and yellow for a gum like Juicy Fruit. I have actually never made this slime before. This will be the first time that I attempt. I am unsure if I will like it or not. I know that it is pleasing to look at but I am not sure if it will be fun to play with.

Items Needed: Base Slime and Styrofoam pieces or packing peanuts

Step 1: Take Styrofoam pieces or packing peanuts and start to break them up. Break up enough to fit into a bowl.

Step 2: Take your base slime (preferred solid base) and start adding the Styrofoam pieces to the slime.

Step 3: Add food coloring and let the pieces sit in the slime. This will help to absorb the color into the Styrofoam pieces.

Step 4: Let the slime spread out and press the slime.

bubblegum slime


Truthfully, I did not like this slime that much. I felt that there were too many Styrofoam pieces and they were hard to keep in the slime. I used a sticky slime base and it did not really work. It is nice to look at though so there is a positive out of this situation!

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