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Floam was one of my favorite things as a kid. I remember that Nickelodeon had always advertised it. I had always wanted to make it but never knew how until slime became popular. It was great that floam was becoming popular. It is probably one of the easiest slimes to make. You can use either a clear base or a solid base. Most people prefer a solid base because with the clear base, the bubbles tend to make the slime less appealing to look at. Plus the texture is usually better with the solid base slime. The key to making the perfect floam is to start with a minimal amount of slime and a lot of foam beads. The slime should also be relatively sticky. If the slime is not sticky, then the foam beads will fall out and create a mess.

Items Needed: Base Slime and Foam Beads

Step 1: Take a small amount of slime and start kneading the beads into it.

Step 2: keep repeating until there is mostly foam beads and just a little bit of slime.

This slime is desired for the crunch of it. Storing this slime is a little bit challenging. Every time that I make this slime, the next day it tends to be very runny and sticky. It is best to add just a little bit of the borax solution and knead it in. This will help to stop the slime from being so runny. Be sure to not add so much borax solution or else the slime will be over-activated and the foam beads will fall out.

Here are two different Floam Slimes (One with a lot and one with a little bit of foam beads):

Floam 1 Floam 2

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