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Butter Slime

Butter Slime is one of the more appealing slimes out there. There is something about how spreadable it is that attracts people. This slime took me awhile to make because I had to order the ingredients from Amazon and from a foreign country. The clay that is used took over a month to get here. It was relatively cheap but still, it would have been nice to get it sooner. Overall though, I am surprised by the texture. It is a lot different than I thought it would be. I thought it would be more of a dry slime, but it happens to be wet. Luckily, the slime is not sticky what so ever which is nice. Sometimes the sticky slimes can get so annoying because it makes a mess.

Items Needed: Base Slime and Daisio Clay

Step 1: Take your slime base and make sure that there is enough to cover the top of the daisio clay piece.

Step 2: Place the clay on the slime and start to mix it together. (This is the best part)

Step 3: Once the slime and the clay are mixed, see if it is the desired texture.

You should be able to spread the slime with a knife. The slime should also not be sticky. If it is too sticky, then you need to add more clay to the mixture. If the slime is too clay like and not stretchy, then add more slime to the mixture. The final product should look just like this:

butter slinme

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