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Preparing for a Holiday Team Dinner

Every year, my tennis team does a Holiday Team Dinner. This consists of both the Men and Women’s team getting together and having a potluck type of meal together. I decided to be brave and host the dinner at my house. I had to get decorations and decorate the whole place. I ended up just taking all of my decorations from my room from my previous post and moved them all to the living room. Luckily, my Grandma had donated some of her decorations that she was not using and some chairs to make the event possible. She had given me three different table clothes that made the tables look much more festive. She also supplied me with different bows and some hanging decorations. I really think that the table cloths made the whole scene complete. Here are a few pictures to show the decorations and the tables:

team 1 team 3team 2

Here you can see the table clothes. I also had festive plates and napkins. The event was a success and Holiday Cheer was spread.

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