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Moving from Slime to Christmas

Christmas is finally here. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday mostly because of all the fun crafts and decorating I get to do. This last week I got my first tree thanks to black Friday shopping. I had gotten a tree for less than $30.00 at Target. The tree was a pain to put up. I had to fluff each section of the tree and this took forever. I would be content with just keeping this tree forever so I do not have to go through that again. The price we pay for beauty. I had also got all of my ornaments from Hobby Lobby. All of their Christmas decorations were 50% off. This was music to my ears and my pockets. I had bought two packages of ornaments. There was a case of red ones and then a case of green ones. I thought that it would be perfect because Christmas colors are green and red. I usually prefer just one color ornaments but I had decided to be a little bit more fun this year with a tree. I had also gotten colorful lights at Target for a fair price. Like I said, I usually go for a more traditional look with Christmas trees. I wanted to do regular lights but where is the fun in that? I bought two strands and it was just enough for my 6ft tree. I wanted to do something creative for the star but struggled. Maybe in another post I will work to do a DIY star for the top of a Christmas tree. I also got a very cute stocking from Hobby Lobby. This was one of the harder decisions of my Christmas decorating. There were so many options and I could just not decide. I ended up letting my younger brother pick for me. He picked a cute stocking with a fox on it. Not what I expected him to pick, but I am content with his option. I also brought some decorations from home. There was a Christmas Gift that I made in my ceramics class senior year of high school that always makes it way out of hiding during the Christmas season. I also had a few Christmas boxes that I wanted to put up on my shelves. It is finally starting to feel like Christmas in Whitewater, especially with the flurries we have been having. I am looking forward to more Christmas posts! Here is a picture of my colorful and fun tree:

Christmas Tree


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