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Gingerbread House Tips

What would Christmas be without decorating a gingerbread house? Well it really wouldn’t be Christmas! My friend and I decided to build one and it could have gone a lot better but we managed to make it work. I am going to give some tips on how to create the perfect Gingerbread house.


-When applying the icing, make sure to let the icing harden. This will allow the house more time to set and a less chance of it falling apart.

-Use a lot of icing. We were scared of using up all the icing so we decided to go easy on the foundation. Big mistake. The house kept falling apart. Even after all of the icing we wasted, we still had enough to decorate the house with.

-Plan your decorations ahead of time. Especially with two people, you both might have different ideas and want to start with those ideas. This can cause the house to be all over the place with the design.

-Look designs up online. There are plenty of people who have made gingerbread houses long before us and have plenty of great ideas. This will help to make sure that the house stays pretty.

-Focus on the finishing touches. My friend and I sprinkled sugar all around the house to create the illusion of snow for our gingerbread man. This was a great touch and what really brought over average looking house to the next level.

-After decorating, keep the house in the fridge for a few hours. This will let the icing decorations to stick and your house to last throughout Christmas.

Our house was disastrous at first. We could have used these tips to help us, especially with the foundation. Next year we will have an even greater house thanks to these tips. Happy Building!


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  1. Darel Long says:

    Thank you so much for sharing before Christmas. Gingerbread house is amazing.

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