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Gingerbread House Tips

What would Christmas be without decorating a gingerbread house? Well it really wouldn’t be Christmas! My friend and I decided to build one and it could have gone a lot better but we managed to make it work. I am going to give some tips on how to create the perfect Gingerbread house. Tips: -When […]

Wreath Witherspoon

This idea came to me from a friend who is obsessed with The Mindy Project. There is an episode when Mindy creates a Reese Witherspoon wreath and thus it becomes a Wreath Witherspoon. I liked this idea of corny Christmas decoration jokes. I decided to attempt to make my own wreath Witherspoon. ┬áIt went well. […]

Preparing for a Holiday Team Dinner

Every year, my tennis team does a Holiday Team Dinner. This consists of both the Men and Women’s team getting together and having a potluck type of meal together. I decided to be brave and host the dinner at my house. I had to get decorations and decorate the whole place. I ended up just […]