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Wreath Witherspoon

This idea came to me from a friend who is obsessed with The Mindy Project. There is an episode when Mindy creates a Reese Witherspoon wreath and thus it becomes a Wreath Witherspoon. I liked this idea of corny Christmas decoration jokes. I decided to attempt to make my own wreath Witherspoon.  It went well.

wreath witherspoon

This whole decoration was great because it was so cheap and easy to make. I had just bought a cheaper plain wreath from Michael’s craft store and printed out some pictures of Reese Witherspoon. I was lucky enough to find these cute Christmas picture holders of iconic Christmas figures. It really brings the whole piece together. I connected paper clips to the pictures and that is how I hung them on the wreath.

I have actually seen a few other super corny celebrity Christmas decorations such as Awreatha Franklin. I really enjoyed that one. I also saw a Chris-mas tree. It was a tree full of faces of celebrities names Chris. This one is also very enjoyable. I wish I knew how people came up with this stuff. I do appreciate them very much so.

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