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Holiday T-Rex

At some point within the last year, my office had gained a new member; A T-Rex made out of cardboard. One of the other student workers had brought it in to “oversee” our new office space (The office spent 5 months being remodeled). May different things have come from the T-Rex. We had used him […]

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween has finally arrived but have you found the perfect costume? The best Halloween costumes are the ones that you can make with the items that you already have. This year I dressed up as Indiana Jones. I used my leather jacket, safari hat, collared shirt, pink satchel, boots and pants to create the perfect […]

Mod Podge Tennis Racket

My favorite decoration that I have is my polka-dotted wooden tennis racket. My mom had given me the idea to try doing this. She has always been big into mod podge and thought it could be a cute way to decorate my room. What you will need: Wooden Tennis Racket Mod Podge and Paint Brush […]