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Edible Starburst Slime

The first time that I had saw Starburst Slime was on Snapchat. This was at the beginning of the slime fad. I had thought that it looked kind of complicated and time consuming. I have never been one to want to waste Starburst. I took one for the team and decided to go for it. I had never made a slime other than with glue. I knew that this was going to be interesting. I looked the directions up online and came to this website: https://teachbesideme.com/edible-slime-from-starburst-candy/ The website laid out its instructions nicely and I was ready to go.

Items Needed: Bag of Starburst (RIP), Powder Sugar, 4 glass bowls, and Cornstarch. When I saw that cornstarch was needed I did not really want to eat the slime.

The first step was to separate each candy by color and unwrap each one. This was painful but I got through it. The second step was to boil some water. I had thought that it could only be done in the microwave but this seemed like a nicer way to keep an eye on the melting candy. The next step was to place the starbursts into glass bowls and then put the glass bowls in the boiling water. This made me nervous because glass can shatter when changing temperatures like going from boiling to cold. I powered through once again. After a few minutes and a lot of stirring, the starbursts were finally melted enough. The next step was to lay cornstarch and powder sugar out and knead the melted candy in the mixture. I decided to not wait for it to cool down and I slightly burned my finger. LOL. After it cooled off, I kept mixing the mixture into the slime. After like 10 minutes, the slime was finally not sticky and fun to play with. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the slime because I had accidentally deleted it. It really was not that great but it would be a great activity to do with a young child on a rainy day.


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