She’s not smallville no more!

So this is an interesting STORY that surfaced this week. Apparently, actress Allison Mack has been charged with 4 counts of sex trafficking in New York State. Equally interesting is her alleged involvement in a secret group that supposedly filters women into the trafficking. Seems like some Hollywood drama series, but it’s real life.

Looks as though the Feds have a pretty solid case. Definitely worth following, right?


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  1. Jonathan MacMartin says:

    This story is strange and unsettling. I can see this being turned into a docuseries in the near future. The fact that she helped coerce these women into this sex cult is bizarre. The name of the group itself even sounds like something from A Black Mirror or Twilight Zone episode: NXIVM (pronounced Nexium). The entry level position in the cult was blatantly named slave and the higher-level people were titled masters. The fact that they often blackmailed the “slaves” into performing sexual acts and even branding them is really disgusting. Both her and the cult leader definitely deserve jail time for this.

  2. Kazmarae Tyson says:

    This is a very interesting and weird case. I am always shocked when women are involved in the sex trafficking of other women. I do not understand, there have been cases when a woman has been forced, scared, etc. But in Allison Mack’s case I really want to know why, she’s an actress why be involved and why not help those women? It story is shameful and unsettling. This organization known as Nxivm and her surely deserve to go to prison for these unmoral acts.

  3. Hali Nichols says:

    This is a very interesting case. Since many women are tricked or forced into human trafficking I wonder if this was the case for Allison Mack. The two women who filed the charges said they were black mailed and I think it is very likely that Allison was also blackmailed into the situation and that Nxivm forced or tricked her into it. This whole story is a bit bizarre and covers a very scary topic in our society.

  4. Gina Gorman says:

    This is an apalling story and I feel horrible for all the women involved, especially the two that were blackmailed into performing sex acts with the founder. I think the worst part about this is that the women were actually branded with his initials and in their pelvic region. How barbaric! I think it’s awful that this website lured women in by promoting it as a self help site. I would be pretty skeptical of any group that called their entry level members as slaves and their higher up’s as masters. Those words just scream sex. If she wants to be a role model for women in iconic positions, like she states in her interview, I hope it’s her character in Smallville that women look up to and not the true Allison.

  5. Kaleigh Cleaveland says:

    From reading this article and watching the attached video, I believe this is one of those stories and crimes that we often don’t think of happening like it did here. It comes as a slight shock that this happens and is being led by someone like Allison Mack. More recently, it seems that sex trafficking cases are being highlighted more (there was a case in local news this past week) and it is scary to know that this is more common that people want to believe it is. I believe that the two women who told authorities did the right thing in an attempt to punish Mack and save others from this happening to them, too.

  6. Trish Sorenson says:

    Sex trafficking, one of those crimes that is completely black and white. Everyone pretty much agrees that It is absolutely wrong and no one should have to go through it. From the article, I am surprised that the trafficking has happened from such a high profile like Allison Mack. Although, I am glad that she is being held to the same standards and being help accountable. All the time it seems that famous individuals wrongdoings get buried, so thankfully this one has not. Especially with the severity that is sex trafficking.

  7. Heejung Moon says:

    First, the fact that a celebrity was involved in a sex trafficking case surprised me, then the fact that the celebrity is a woman her self made me lift my eyebrows. This “secret society” is supposed to be a support group for women. However, a the name of this society, and the words they use for women, including “slaves” and “masters” just do not seem right. I did wonder whether Allison Mack was blackmailed like other victims or not. Nevertheless, no matter what the reasons behind, both Allison and the leader of the group deserve to be punished legally. I feel awful for all the victims involved in this case. I hope people can pay more attention to sex trafficking and its cruelty and try harder to eradicate it.

  8. Gracie Blechl says:

    The feds have a good start to a case that they should definitely follow up on. Because this is a celebrity scandal I think it needs to be handled delicately because the public is the audience. Since it is a famous actress who might be convicted with sex trafficking, the feds have to have solid evidence. I think that it’s interesting that Allison Mack is said to have played such a big role in Nxivm considering she’s a woman herself and she has a successful career in acting. I wonder what brought her to be involved with DOS if she’s involved at all. This is the first time I’m hearing about this case but I’m interested to see how it plays out.

  9. Maddie Vavrik says:

    Sex trafficking is one of those crimes that always gives me goosebumps. It is so horrible to think about and I cannot imagine being a victim in this type of case. But what is even worse to think about is that there is a celebrity involved, and I do think the police have a lot of evidence to back up this case. However, it does kind of make me wonder if Allison was blackmailed into this case as well because the other women were too.

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