Much to do about nothing?

September 19th, 2010

I believe in this country.  I support this country, abide by its laws (most of them anyway), and believe that every person should be given a fair shake at her/his own success.  That’s what I believe.

That said…

I’m not really that concerned about where and more specifically when President Barack Obama goes to church.  Really? Our nation has a significant amount of its resources (including men and women) deployed overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting in conflicts (or wars if you will).  Moreover, we are experiencing one of the worst economic times ever in our history.  Yes, there are many grave issues we are currently facing.

So why is one of the biggest news agencies running a headline story about the fact that Barack Obama attended church today. Don’t we have more important pressing thigs to worry about?  Somebody help me here.  Why could this issue be that important?  Maybe I’m just in a bad mood (the cowboys did lose another game today).  What do you think?