A Nice Day Trip in Milwaukee

August 30th, 2015


Today my wife and I attended the Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee. Now I’m not Catholic, but we recently drove by and briefly walked through the church. Let me say it is unbelievable! You really should check it out. You can click HERE to view some photos of the inside. It would make a perfect day trip for you and a friend. The intricacies of the architecture inside are simply amazing. After the service I spoke with a woman who lives in NYC and attends Saint Patrick’s Cathedral (which is supposedly amazing). She said that St. Patrick’s was nothing compared to the Basilica. So go take a look at the Basilica.

When you’re done, you can get a good bite to eat at Lazy Susan MKE, which serves dinner (Tuesday thru Sunday) and brunch (only on Sunday). I had the Breakfast special and my wife had french toast. They serve Anodyne Coffee, the food is fabulous and not crazy expensive.