Spring Breakers, it’s not your fault!

March 26th, 2017

WFerrellHope everyone had a restful break this past week and didn’t forget to use sunscreen:)

And hopefully no one was arrested at the beach…but if you were, hey, the Sheriff of Panama City Beach, Florida (otherwise known as “PCB”) says “It’s not your fault.” Check out this recent VIDEO from a local news station in the Panama City, Florida area.

So during the spring break “window” arrests have more than doubled over the past year for this area, but it’s not a “student problem?” It seemed like the sheriff has a “beef” regarding his recent budget request, as he mainly talks about the student to police officer ratio (1000 to 1). Interestingly we never really hear who the real culprits are filling the jails in Panama City. Hmmm…thoughts?

More on the Delaware Dept of Corrections

March 5th, 2017

A couple of interesting articles emerged focusing on the Delaware Department of Corrections. The first ARTICLE addresses some major issues (overcrowding and lack of correctional officer staff) that were reaching a tipping point prior to the riot and hostage situation that left one seasoned correctional officer dead. There are some pretty chilling foreshadowing comments made prior to the hostage-taking events. The second ARTICLE focuses on the recent decision to place the Warden of that prison on paid leave.


So was the uprising a result of one warden’s negligence, the negligence of the State of Delaware, or an unruly crowd of convicts? Hopefully we will find out prior to the end of class.