Paper or Plastic?

November 26th, 2007

This week’s subject focuses on the use or continued use of grocery bags in shopping markets. Check out the VIDEO. Now some of you may be saying “This issue is stupid and a waste of time.” However, I disagree (besides it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to).

Most of you probably don’t even remember using paper bags, but when I was growing up it’s all we had. These days plastic bags are used by overwhelmingly by stores due to their cheaper price. Some cities want to outlaw these bags as they are not bio-degradeable (you can’t get rid of them). The cities want to return to paper or go with a newer biodegradeable material. The problem? Cost. Paper and biodegradeable bags cost more, which in turn means that the customer may experience rising costs.

What do you think? Should we go to paper or biodegradeable? Moreover, should the customer have to pay for these costs? Let me know. Also, if we begin in the grocery store, won’t this trend continue to the malls?

Music and Movies…

November 19th, 2007

The blog entry for today will not focus on political affiliation, poverty, or crime (some of you are cheering about this). Maybe I’m giving you a week off from that or simply changing the tone of things…I don’t know (and am not really that concerned). Anyway, here are my two questions for you to answer:

1. Currently, what 1 or 2 songs do you find yourself playing all the time on your mp3 player (or CD player, etc.)?
2. What’s one movie you’ve seen and liked this year and why (doesn’t have to be a “new release”)?

I’ll share mine, which actually go together:

1. Song I’ve been listening to alot on my IPOD:

The song is entitled “Cold Water” by Damien Rice. Not really sure why I like it. Parts of it are a bit unusual, but I do find myself replaying it often.

2. One movie I really liked this year is entitled “The Girl in the Cafe”. This movie focuses on the power of one individual to change the world (A thought I think is pretty cool). Incidentally this is where I first heard the “Cold Water” song.
What about you? What song(s) do you most often like to hear and what’s a really good movie you’ve watched lately?

Last, you should definitely check out “The Girl in the Cafe”

Robertson and Giuliani?

November 12th, 2007

I just have to blog on this ARTICLE, as it simply baffles my mind. You may or may not follow politics closely enough to understand the context, but it’s an interesting story of two unlikely bedfellows.

My main question is why would Pat Robertson jump into cahoots with R. Giuliani? I mean Robertson has built an empire (he’s been an integral part of the Christian Coalition, which is a powerful right wing political organization) on specific values: mainly anti-abortion and anti-gay rights. So why does such a seemingly brilliant man suddenly “turn to the dark side”?

Giuliani, on the other hand, seems to be the individual to positively benefit from this situation. A moderate republican, this may enable him to garner some needed support from the republican party. Obviously, it could have a reverse effect, as he could lose support from moderate democrats (who knows)

Still I must admit I’m somewhat baffled by this pastor who has seemingly traded his two-value platform (no abortions and no gays) for a very moderate republican. He says safety and judicial appointments were crucial; however, I’m only convinced that the latter has much genuine importance.

Somebody shed some light on this subject for me…