A New Kind of Presidency?

February 17th, 2013

The ARTICLE for this week focuses on the fact that the position of president of the USA has become too complex for one person. I’m not sure that there isn’t some truth to this idea. However, I’m less sure of the 3 alternate proposals for the presidency. Thoughts?

Mark Zuckerberg ALWAYS costs us money.

February 11th, 2013

So I didn’t post last night as I’ve been quite sick this weekend. I apologize for my tardiness, as I sure most of you were perched next to your laptops/iPads waiting for 10pm to arrive.

I thought about doing a post about the pope retiring/quitting, but hey, he’s the pope so he can do whatever he wants, right?

So this week I’m posting about the fact that Mark Zuckerberg costs us money constantly. We get a FB account and invariably it costs us money. We buy apps, music, ringtones, and somehow it’s probably connected to our obsession with social media (which is some way or another is connected to Zuckerberg).

Another case in point, read this ARTICLE about a dad who paid his 14-year old daughter to deactivate her FB account. Yeah, you heard me right. This dad paid his daughter $200 to get off of FB. Thoughts?

Another interesting finding was the fact that 61% of FB users have taken a break from FB for at least 2 weeks. How many of you have been able to NOT use FB at for 2 weeks (come on be honest). Just wondering.

Sex, babies, bills, and pills…

February 3rd, 2013

So this weeks ARTICLE/VIDEO is somewhat more focused toward women (sorry guys) and centers on the issue of mandating that all women have access to birth control pills (or whatever contraception method one may desire). Some religious organizations (from the Catholic Church to religious educational institutions) are crying fowl, saying not only that the government can’t mandate anything, but also is guilty of abridging religious freedoms. On the other side are the more left-leaning groups who have been accused of wanting to hand out pills, rings, and whatnot to all.

I’ve got my opinion, but would like to hear from you. Is it a good idea for women to have free access to contraceptives? Do you think such a mandate will result increased sexual activity and is that a bad thing? Moreover, is it the government’s job to force society in such a direction?