No Room in the Inn…

April 23rd, 2017

This week’s post will be our last. Hope you’ve enjoyed the news posted here. This week’s ARTICLE focuses on the Kentucky Department of Corrections overcrowding problems. Since we’ll be talking about parole later this week I thought it appropriate. Apparently the State of Kentucky is pretty much over capacity for most of its jails and prison prompting a move by the DOC to fast track the early release of some 500+ inmates.

These are some of the issues we’ll talk about on Wed. The state of TX was in a similar predicament in the 1990’s (their answer was to build a ton of new prisons). Which is better?  Building more prisons, releasing inmates earlier than planned…or maybe you have your own suggestion…

A Concern about the cocktail…

April 16th, 2017

Last week’s post focused on the State of Arkansas’s challenge to recruit around 50 citizens to monitor its upcoming 8 executions. Well, “Hold the phone! Houston, we have a problem.”

This week’s article reports on an injunction that was filed by 9 Arkansas death row inmates and signed by a Federal Judge. Basically this brings all the scheduled executions to a temporary halt.

The injunction was ordered as a result of one of the drugs used in the 3-drug cocktail for executions. The drug, midazolam, has been at the forefront of several judicial challenges. The argument is pretty interesting. Thoughts?

Calling all “respectable citizens…”

April 9th, 2017

This week’s article (and video) is quite interesting. The State of Arkansas is attempting to compete with my home state (Texas)  by excuting 8 death row inmates within a very short time-span. They’ve run into a problem, however, as state law requires that 6 “upstanding individuals” witness the execution process. Interesting. I wonder how many of you would attend this affair. Thoughts?



Arts and Cons

April 2nd, 2017

In the next couple of weeks we will begin looking at prison programming. There tends to be a lot of variety found within prisons here in the US (some prisons have little, if any, while others have been creative). This week’s ARTICLE focuses on one such program that brings art to convicted criminals. Pretty interesting article. Thoughts?