Perks to working for TSA

March 28th, 2010

Who says that working airport security doesn’t have its perks, right? Read this ARTICLE and watch the video.  These new body scanners are pretty interesting aren’t they? And although this story takes place in the UK, these scanners are being used at U.S. ariports as well.  Any thoughts you’d like to share about the use of this technology should be placed here.

Next Blog Post will be March 28

March 8th, 2010

We will take a break from blogging as mid-terms are approaching.  I will make my next blog post the Sunday we return from Spring Break (March 28).


March 1st, 2010

So there were obvious problems with the poll last week (UWW Helpdesk fixed the issue on Thurs).  Sorry. 

Today I have placed a blog and poll here regarding the Olympics.  My question is “Does our society need the Olympics?” What benefit does it bring the world? I mean with all the other major problems in the world (wars, natural disasters, poverty, etc.), should we use that synergy to do something better than the Olympics (maybe pool all of the money used by governments for the Olympics to end 3rd world debt?). Don’t misunderstand I like sports as much as the other person, but wonder the utility of it-thoughts?