John Dear…do I hate?

March 23rd, 2014

I just finished a book by John Dear entitled PEACE BEHIND BARS: A Peacemaking Priests Journey From Jail. It’s his recounting of the 9 months he spent incarcerated as a result of his (and 3 others) non-violent protests against the U.S.’s nuclear armament.

First off, great book…second: Mr. Dear, I hate you…

Actually I don’t hate you. I’ve seen you twice at the Wildgoose Festival and read two other books you’ve penned.

No, actually, I’m pretty envious of your convictions (and by that I mean your dedication to task). For I find myself failing miserably in comparison. What is my problem? I read books about topics such as non-violent peacemaking, restorative justice, etc. But that’s all I seem to do…read, read, read. I need to make the next big step and “do.”

What’s keeping you from the “doing” part, you ask? Well, if I knew that I’d probably¬†not be posting this, right?

I’m not sure why I can’t move beyond mere observance of others as they engage in activities such as peace advocating and such. Is it just laziness? Or do I not wholly believe in their plights?