Lefty vs. Mitt vs. “the rest of us”

January 27th, 2013

Ok, so I’m not an accountant – let’s get that straight. But I found this ARTICLE interesting on “who” and “what” the US Government currently targets for taxes. In the final analysis, it’s not too surprising to see that wealth is taxed at a much lower rate than work, but it does make for a very interesting look at stratification. Thoughts?

Welcome Back!

January 16th, 2013

Yeah, it’s so nice to be back in WI. I spent 3.5 weeks in southeast Texas over the break. Did I mention that I wore long pants only once? And then I returned to ice and 17 degrees…nice. Don’t misunderstand I like snow and cold weather over the reverse. But ice and 17 degrees? That’s a little harsh.

Anyway, I created this blog back in 2008 and it was fairly busy for about 3 years. In the recent past, I’ve been a bit busier with other stuff (O like boring stuff like trying to get tenure so I can continue working at UWW). So this year I decided to revisit the blogosphere much due to my reading of several other blogs.

I like to upload or link articles I find both interesting and/or sociological. I will be blogging about an article each week (I may also post smaller blogs as well). I will upload my main post at 10pm each Sunday evening beginning on January 27. Hope you’ll visit and comment!

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