Long pants…sigh…summer where have you gone?



Summer is the time for wearing shorts. I never wear long pants in the summer. Never. Period. But summer has gone and it’s time to find them and dust them off. Oh summer, where have you gone

Actually I’ve had the best summer ever. Alex and I spent June and July in Colorado. We stayed at the Sunset Motel in Grand Lake, but visited Frisco, RedcliffSteamboat Springs, Twin LakesGeorgetown, Idaho Springs, Winter Park and Leadville. Frisco is still one of our favorite day trips and you must eat at Prost if you visit. We were disappointed with Steamboat Springs (sort of reminded me of Aspen or Vail). Basically it’s a tourist trap. The views are spectacular, however. Of course we spent a night in Leadville, CO. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve spent alot of time in Leadville and have fond memories of the place (especially the clothes at Melanzana,  and food at Quincy’s and Mountain High Pies). This year we took a day trip back to Georgetown and Idaho Springs. In the past, Idaho Springs was a small and fairly quiet town just into the mountains. It has become a town that is “busting at the seams.” Now maybe our choice of days to visit was the problem (Sunday afternoon when everyone was driving back to Denver), but the town is crazy busy. To our surprise, Georgetown, CO has changed little, if any. Spectacular views here. The Winter Park/Fraser area has become a favorite of ours. Nice restaurants (especially Sharky’s Eatery) and shops, including a great laundry facility.

It’s nice to revisit these places in my mind (O how I wish I was still there) while sitting in my basement with a cup of java. These memories remind me of summer and hopefully will keep me till next May. Meanwhile, fall, which is my favorite season, is quickly approaching here in WI. Bring it on!

And now, I must go and locate my long pants:)

3 responses to “Long pants…sigh…summer where have you gone?”

  1. Dad says:

    Looking back on things and places you have done and been is a beautiful picture in your mind. It takes away some of the picture of life’s stress out of your mind and replaces it with exciting pictures of your enjoyed times. It helps you get through the days, weeks and months of boring meetings, schedules, and unwanted duties and responsibilities. It paints a beautiful image of the future you want. It speaks of the good times in your pass. It reminds you of the reward of working hard to earn the prize of enjoying the scenery of nature. Looking back! It’s like sitting down with a good book, a cup of coffee, and soft music in the background.

  2. Kelsey Schoenherr says:

    I enjoyed reading your post – It sounds like you had a very memorable summer. Someday, I wish to travel around the United States and take in all of the beautiful scenery as well. I think the view from the top of a mountain could sure make anyone seem so small – I could imagine it being utterly breathtaking. Like you, fall is my favorite season too. Although you aren’t in Colorado anymore, Wisconsin is a beautiful place to be during the fall. I look forward to reading upcoming posts, and being part of your lectures.

  3. gregoryp says:

    Thanks for the visit. Look for a new post this evening.

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