It seems appropriate to spend a little time on this day to think about being thankful. Below is a list of things for which I’m thankful:

Being alive and healthy. Yeah, I know I could stand to lose some weight and have to take some pills at night. But lately I’ve been reminding myself of the privilege I have to live on this planet. And for that I’m thankful.

My wife. Yes, she likes war and period-piece movies, but hey, nobody’s perfect (I’m not going to Brooklyn tonight). Seriously, this woman, who has put up with me for almost 23 years, is one of the most sensitive and caring beings I know on the planet. And I love that about her.

Family. I am grateful to have the best family. All of them. Period.

My Job. Of course there are some issues plaguing the system. That said I consider myself lucky to spend most days on a campus with a good number of students who are interested in learning. I’m also thankful that I get to work in an environment where most people (students and staff) are optimistic about the future. I love the autonomy afforded me, as well as the fact that I get to talk about sociology, which still makes me giddy.

Pets. I am grateful for the 3 furry animals that scour around our home, leaving hair (not to mention drool and cat litter) and love in their wake.

Friends. I have been lucky to live in three different states over the short span of my life (yes, I’m still very young). I’ve met and become friends with some special people during this time, which has given me many special memories that I will always cherish.


This morning as I sit next to my little heater that keeps me warm (another thing I’m grateful for), the only worry I have is the thought of forgetting to be thankful.

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  1. John Martin says:

    Well said! Happy Thanksgiving!

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