This week’s ARTICLE focuses on the question of the future utility of books (not Kindle or Nook books). Check out the article. Do you still read books outside class? Do you still see a benefit in reading books? Thoughts?

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  1. Antonio Mendoza says:

    I can stop think about how this is happening. We are in a time where most of us reed scanned pages of book that get deposited in school web-programs. We already find most Journal articles in electronic version up loaded in a data base. Most people walks around with media devices that allow easy access and high portability of thousands of pages in one little thing. The books that I see every day at my school library are old records of journals and magazines, as well as some interesting books that had help me over my college years. But most of us we don’t need them any more in a print hard copy manner. Unless I was to be dropped in a deserted island I wouldn’t use them. And not because I don’t like books, but their time in history has passed and it is time to move on. They were the “queen of the battle” and new ways are here now for reading media. I am sure that they will be remembered and missed by many as many thing in the past had been gone throughout the sane process. No the less I always will thank them for teaching me many things as well as for the entertaining moments they offered.

  2. Taylor Viets says:

    I honestly would like to read more books outside of class but I simply don’t have the time with my busy schedule. Sadly, I think that’s the case for most people. Everyone is so busy nowadays that we either don’t read or we just get our reading done “on the go.” Many of us don’t have time to sit down to read a book or are too tired at the end of the work day, that we opt not to. Our “on the go” reading typically just consists of reading the day’s news and that can be easily accomplished through a few keystrokes. With technology advancing at alarming rates, it’s more of a hassle to carry around a hardcover book to better our knowledge, than it is to access that wisdom and more from the palm of our hand. I also feel that people today would rather read celebrity gossip or some other mindless garbage, than sit down and read a truly thought provoking book. I wish this wasn’t the case but it seems to be true. I think books still provide us with great value. Although their convenience may be lacking, I’d rather learn about the War of 1812 through a book published in 1815 than a Wikipedia page. In the end though it really comes down to preference and I think books and their magic are beginning to lose their shelf life.

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