Perks to working for TSA

Who says that working airport security doesn’t have its perks, right? Read this ARTICLE and watch the video.  These new body scanners are pretty interesting aren’t they? And although this story takes place in the UK, these scanners are being used at U.S. ariports as well.  Any thoughts you’d like to share about the use of this technology should be placed here.

7 responses to “Perks to working for TSA”

  1. Brianne Coffey says:

    I agree the individuals who say that the full body scanners risk our right to privacy. I would not be comfortable if anyone were to see my body exposed through the use of these scanners that are capable of seeing under clothing. To top it off, the airport security heckle people as they walk through. This exposure is only for me inside my home.

    What happens to the images once people walk through? Are the images discarded if the passengers are found to be of no threat to others?

    What about minors, do they have to walk through these full body scanners?

  2. Alex Fricke says:

    I think that this type of security just goes way too far and is against our right to privacy. I mean this type of technology has pretty much just begun being used, and we already have a problem about some guy making innapropriate comments. I know that this helps security but where do we draw a line to what goes too far? I think that if this was used universally across of of the United States ariports, this would become a much larger problem and many more people would demand this type of security to be removed immediately. Also, I believe that the amount of air-travelers would decrease greatly.

  3. Josh Klute says:

    I agree with Alex that this goes too far and inhibits on our right to privacy. Over Spring Break I flew from Milwaukee to Pittsburgh and I thought that TSA has actually become pretty lenient even when the threat level is at “orange.” I have been to many airports all over the U.S. before and after 9/11 and I’m starting to think TSA is becoming to relaxed. Of course you still have to take your shoes off and other things but after 9/11, if you traveled with your laptop, you had to turn it on to show it was functional. When I traveled with my laptop, I didn’t have to anymore and I walked through the scanners with 3 shirts on and I wasn’t asked to take them off so I would only have one shirt on since you’re suppose to go through security scanners wearing only one shirt. I understand that security needs to be strict but these full body scanners go too far.

  4. Carena Fassbender says:

    “The Government needs to take urgent and decisive action to ensure that incidents of this kind are not repeated. There needs to be a lawful system of training and conduct that is applied consistently across all airports, rather than the current haphazard and rushed approach which is already showing its flaws.”

    I may be overly scared for nothing but would people change their minds if the bomb would have been successful(the one to Detroit)? I mean, I would also feel uncomfortable knowing someone could basically see every bit of me but the man with the bomb attached to him went through an airport undetected and if these scanners were there that wouldn’t have happened! It is a hard thing to say because I do agree that many people would not like it and many people would probably stop air travel. It is just a question of how far are we willing to go for safety measures? If it wasn’t for the bomb attempt in December I would definitely say that this is a breach of privacy but that situation proved that the security of airports is not perfect and this may be the best way to reach complete safety. I would definitely say that the people working and watching the scanner should have extensive training and obviously background checks to make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy of the job.

  5. Larry Whitaker says:

    I agree this type of security pushes the envelope a little to far. Like Brianne said do minors have to walk through these scanners id so don’t you think that is a little inappropriate to say the least. Although to say that this type of security wouldn’t work is an understatement it definitely has its advantages, you could see the person’s entire body to see if they pose a threat. What about using this type of security instead of random searches they say the officer is in another room so that is privacy, I would rather walk through a machine than to be randomly searched which is degrading in it’s own right.

  6. Rosalinda Martinez says:

    Because of some recent READING I’ve been doing, the first thing on my mind is how some doctors get to see people with their clothes off every day. Security guards are underpaid and easily hired, but Doctors take an oath, do years of schooling and have a workplace where they are mostly supervised. Even still, there are sexual harassment cases against doctors that take liberties with breast examinations.

    This is one case, but we need to pay attention to the numbers of these cases in order to recognize a flawed system. When an airport says “Security Measures” that should include protecting the security of passengers from degrading and embarrassing procedures. I’m going to take my own “Security Measures” and wear a sports bra and granny panties under my travel outfit.

  7. Amelia Ortiz says:

    I believe these body scanners are too intrusive and invasive to privacy but more importantly it creates an extremely vulnerable situation for travelers. I cannot even imagine having to pass through this scanner with employees having full access to me in such an intimate way. The fact this women was harassed by her fellow employee just proves how this could be used in a negative way rather than its purposes. The whole procedure to pass airport security has become such a nuisance that I do not want to add full body scanners to my apprehensions of traveling. I value the need to be safe on a plane and have no problem doing my part, but I wonder do the procedures added after 9/11 really ensure our safety. It seems the terrorist are much more subtle in their attempts and would not purposely bring attention to themselves while passing security. There needs to be a more effective way to protect employees and passengers, while at the same time providing safety.

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