Tiger Woods National News?

So here’s a simple blog for this week: Please answer the poll to the right of this column regarding professional golfer Tiger Woods.  After that please explain why you voted they way you did.

If you have no idea what i’m referring to, click HERE (You should know that ALL national networks (CBS, NBC, ABC) as well as the other cable channels carried this video live).

7 responses to “Tiger Woods National News?”

  1. Chris Curtis says:

    The poll currently is not up, but I do feel that people really need to lay off of Tiger Woods. I understand how much of an iconic figure he is and what he stands for today, but honestly everyone makes mistakes and many of us students and professors have gone through the pain of parents going through a divorce (usually due to one parent cheating, only in example..) and I feel his pain along with his families. I don’t think what he did was right, but I think that the national media has blown this out of proportion and needs to leave him and his family alone.

  2. Brianne Coffey says:

    It’s amazing how much of his private life has affected his professional golf career. The biggest point he seemed to be making is how he influences children who want to be golfers. Cheating isn’t against the law, but it’s against the morals of some people. I don’t think that true golf fans will care about this and that they will continue to watch him play. It hasn’t gotten a little out of proportion. I’m against cheating, but didn’t have to publicly display his personal life. Well, maybe the public humiliation will prevent him cheating again. Who knows?!

  3. Rosalinda Martinez says:

    I honestly do not care what Tiger Woods is doing in his personal life. I am not a golf fan and reading about his indiscretions has not made me any more or less of a fan. In fact, reading about other professional athletes’ or politicians’ sex scandals is rather irksome. I’m tired of hearing about the football, basketball or politician that was caught cheating. If there is a sport I like to watch or a political issue I am interested in I simply want to know the facts that are pertinent to the play or issue. If the job is getting done I am not interested in who was sleeping with whom. However, if it turns out that the cheating directly affects how a player is performing or how a politician is using his time then I would understand the media dragging out the story and I would pay more attention to see the consequences play out.

  4. Josh Klute says:

    What Tiger Woods did was wrong but it’s his personal life and he can so choose what he wants to do with it. People shouldn’t say what he can/cannot do, unless it is against the law. Yes, what he did was morally wrong, nor would I approve of it but I agree with others that the press and public need to lay off of Tiger Woods. I believe people are giving Tiger Woods more public attention than Donté Stallworth who killed a person while drunk driving. Tiger Woods should get back onto the golf course and prove to everybody that he is still the worlds greatest golfer. He is human and he has made a mistake. People need to accept that, accept his apology and move on. Let the man live his life and get back to his job.

  5. Alex Fricke says:

    The poll is currently not working, but personally I have heard about enough of Tiger Woods. First of all, I personally never liked the guy because of how unsportsman-like he was on the golf course. What he did with this whole situation obviously is just horrible. I do think thought that people should just stop bothering the guy so he can figure out his life with his family etc. because that’s what really matters, not his golf game. It would probably do him a lot of good if the media eased off of him about this. But hopefully, Tiger Woods will never do anything like this ever again.

  6. Amelia Ortiz says:

    The poll is not available, but I have a big issue with reputable news sources crossing over and beginning to take part in celebrity gossip. The whole Tiger Woods situation is personal and people should remember things like this happen every day, who cares if it was Tiger Wood?! As long as he remains a professional and does not allow his personal issues to interfere with his game and endorsements, I do not understand the big hype. There must be a line drawn between actually breaking the law and breaking the “norm” of society. Commiting a crime is not perceived as shameful as what Tiger did. The media coverage over Tiger Woods cheating on his wife has been well over exaggerated and I really wish they would move on and let this man deal with his consequences with his wife. Definitely the continuous spotlight comes with the territory but at some point there should be a limit to the amount of attention things are given. In the end he is selling a brand, not the right for public scrutiny. It’s a sad day when his numerous mysterious are able to turn profit from this situation and be treated as celebrities, but Americans love scandals, especailly sex scandals.

  7. Carena Fassbender says:

    I do agree with the fact that what Tiger did was wrong but what happens after with his wife and himself are between them. I know that he is a human being and deserves the right to privacy but its not like he didn’t know what he was doing or that he didn’t realize he was a celebrity and that people were going to gossip. It isn’t right the way celebrities get their lives turned upside down by the media and press but it comes with the territory. After watching Tiger apologize I do think he meant the sorry he gave to everyone that was hurt, even if he couldn’t speak with out referring to his paper every few sentences. He does have to take responsibility for some of his actions because he knows he is a role model and even though he didn’t ask to be a good golfer, he did choose to represent certain brands and play in certain tournaments that made him the celebrity he is. I think that after his apology, sincere or not, the media should back off and let him get back to facing his family issues.

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