Teaching socialism to the kids??


So here’s the thing-can someone tell me how President Obama is touting socialism during the above speech he made to k-12 kids this past week? Numerous school districts refused to air the address, which, again, was specifically focused toward kids.

Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks.

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  1. Kevin McGreevy says:

    I don’t think President Obama is necessarily touting socialism during his speech on education this past week. He is, however, making it seem that all you have to do is try and you will succeed. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true for the majority of inner city youths who attend underperforming grade schools and high schools. In these areas, resources are not being made available for the majority of these students, as seen by poor test scores and underqualified educators.

  2. Andrea Nelson says:

    Ummm first of all, what did any of that have to do with socialism?! I can see why teachers chose NOT to show that to their students it made no sense at all! He was very blunt in the many times he said “there is no excuse for not doing well in school!” I don’t think that was best spoken for children in all the grades from kindergarden to seniors in high school. When they showed the members of the audience, which were actual high school students they had looks of confusion on their faces like they too had no clue what he was saying. I listened to this twice, and I still don’t know the main point of his speech. I mean I think it’s good that he is stressing the point of doing well in school, and going on to college and making a life for yourself but I think the approach was all wrong, and some what annoying towards the end. If I was a teacher, I wouldn’t show that to my students either.

  3. Jamie Forman says:

    During his speech to kids in K-12 grades, President Obama was touting socialism by advocating for these individuals to take ownership of their education. When Obama stressed this to students, he was also stressing for them to think about what they are going to do for their country. By having more educated individuals in a social organization the better, the more we as a society have to offer.

  4. Erika Oldenberg says:

    I can see a little bit about how socialism is connected with his speech. Children dropping out of school or not doing well in school is a social problem. It affects our future when the younger generation is not getting the education they need to have a successful life and to contribute to the economy. They will not be qualified for many jobs that are going to be needed to fill in the future so this is a social problem. President Obama is trying to get the younger generation to take school seriously, because it does affect us in the long run. Also, I agree that the audience he was speaking to was inappropriate. This speech will have no impact on th children in kindergarten. The message he is implying doesn’t really apply to them yet. They won’t understand or necessarily remember what he is saying because they are too young. I think it absolutely appropriate for him to give this speech to children and teenagers who are old enough to understand his message. “The future of America depends on you,” should help get these children motivated and do well in school and after school.

  5. Kimone Holtzman says:

    I strongly think that telling Kindergartners or anyone less than 9th grade that if they do poorly in school they pretty much failed as a citizen is horrible. Its horrible in general but to kids soooo young its even worse. I feel that his speech meant to be influential, and send a message that they should take school seriously, and it will only help them in the future. I don’t think it was really presented that way.

  6. Debbie Kyser says:

    I think that early elementary grades is too young to be given this speech to. President Omama was talking above them in some ways that should not concern them at all. Offering encouragement itself to succeed in school was not offensive. It is not the speech itself that taught Socialism. It is the idea of speaking to children through the classrooms without the parents presence, participation and approval. Spreading any kind of propaganda among children is where my concern is. Who knows what will be said?? In Europe and other countries it was through the youth that that totalitarian regimes spread their propagama by brainwashing the children. I have heard of Islamic training camps with children taught to hate the West. Who is it easier to train a young child or a middle-aged adult?? Parents should the ones responsible to teach their own children to succeed in school and in life. The school only comes beside the parents for support. The parents are the ones to teach values to their own children and it is not the job of the school or the government to do this. As people in the U.S. we can not let our freedoms be taken away or we will have socialism. Anything that tries to put control on your belief system is a red flag in my mind. That is what I believe is the fear of what people are talking about.

  7. Samantha Ruehl says:

    I personally can’t really see how President Obama was touting socialism in his speech. I thought it was a very good speech to motivate students. I am going to school to be a teacher and would have shown this speech to my class. I agree that not everything he said was relevant for example when he said, “If we quit at school we’re quitting on our country.” I don’t agree with this, but overall I think he is just really passionate about bettering our country and our lives and it starts with an education. Maybe it’s just a high school education, maybe it’s tech school, maybe it’s college, or med school ect. We are to find out what we are good and passionate at and try our hardest to succeed even if we fail. I think that was the point he was trying to make.

  8. Holly Winn says:

    Obama is implying that we have(or should have) a socialist society in the way he emphasizes that our success in school is ultimately for the advancement of our country as a whole, but he skirts the widely concieved ideal of the American Dream that’ss highly individualistic and reduces it to being about success in school if you want it and work at it hard enough (and ultimately serving your country). I think the way he approached his audience of K-12 resembled the way a father figure might encourage, or the way a child might invent a leader’s/mentor’s speech to be conducted. His message was certainly unappealing if any of those high school students read Animal Farm or resist authority (and who doesn’t?)

  9. Chadd Sievert says:

    I think Obama really got across the fact that education will fuel the success of America. He emphasizes to the students that staying in school and working hard will have benefits not just for the individual but for the entire country. Social problems occur with students today, students are dropping out of schools and living alternative lifestyles that are downgrading this country. Obama hopes to get across to the kids and advise them to stay in school and work hard. Sure this speech might be influential to some kids but others may just see this as another boring lecture. This was an interesting video and somewhat can see how not many schools would show this to its kids.

  10. Loy Vang says:

    Well first off, it was a really good speech about the future of our country and our people. It really showed how education is the key to everything that we do for our country and for ourselves but my question is, how long will it last for the k-12 students who are just at the peak of their lives? This speech may impact some people who takes this seriously, but in others who don’t can just see it as another lecture. Although this speech may be very influential and all, it wouldn’t matter if nobody is willing to take it to heart. Plus, by making this speech public it creates the socialism aspect of it and shows how the student’s performance will impact the country as a whole. And to be honest, I don’t really know why teachers would not let this go on air.

  11. Mike Algiers says:

    Well I don’t think I can help much since I really don’t know how hes teaching socialism. I think this is actually a very good speech for students. He’s basically explaining that nothing comes easy and that you must work for success and that the root to success is a good education. He makes a very good point when saying that hes trying really hard to make the schools better but needs the students to perform their best. If I was a teacher I would suggest showing this to the students at school so they can see that kids who are “less fortunate” can become a great success as well.

  12. Kalib Hrbacek says:

    Preaching Socialism? No. What President Obama is doing is putting an increased focus on PERSONAL responsibility on furthering your education. He’s telling every student to stand up for themselves, and find encouragement within themselves and their own personal experiences. He’s encouraging these students not to let anything hold them back in the pursuit of bettering themselves, for themselves, for the benefit of our country as a whole. Socialism? No. George H.W. Bush made a similar speech in 1991, which landed democratic probes because nobody had ever done something like that before. No matter what the president says, there are going to be critics that put a bad spin on his words, and try to cast a shadow on him. A president is a leader. This leader is “rallying the young troops” to try to encourage them to better themselves. Where’s the bad in that?

  13. Wesley Jahnke says:

    I thought this speech was very good. I really do not see how anyone can dig up any socialism from it. President Obama basically tells students k-12 to take responsibility and not make excuses because that is not going to help them in the future. It was just a good motivational speech in my opinion.

  14. What I don’t understand is why when JFK urged people to do service for their country,”Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.,” he was heralded as one of the greatest presidents and orators ever, but when President Obama does he is a socialist. I suspect it is a partisan issue. I’ve noticed that the term socialist has become the latest, and most popular buzz word used by the President’s opponents, whether the issue is healthcare, education or something else. I wonder what his opponents would have said if the President urged the children not to contibute to the nation. If I had children in school, I would be disappointed if they were barred from experiencing this address, and I would set time aside to watch it with them at home. President Obama was telling these students exactly what they need to here. What all young people need to hear. That there are no excuses for failing to live up to your potential, and that failure breeds success by teaching us invaluable lessons that can only be learned through perserverance. The President was advocating democracy by urging the students to get involved with debates, and student government. By disclosing to the students what he overcame as a child, President Obama was providing great inspiration; instilling in them the belief that you can succeed no matter where, or who you come from. No excuses. Don’t give up on yourself. He was also advocating accountability, hard work, and innovation to his young audience. I believe in everything that the President stated in this address, and if what is included in his speech reflects socialism, then I guess I am a socialist too. In my opinion, no matter what President Obama says, or does, his opponents in Washington and the media will find some way to put their stink on it. Democrats and Republicans seem ready to attack each other, not for what is said or done, but strictly on the basis of party affiliation. That’s too bad, you can really miss out on a lot when you’re that closed-minded.

  15. Tyiece Oninski says:

    I believe that he is touting socialism by giving many examples of leadership positions that require education and a lot of it. He wants children to grow up to serve the country in many different ways. By not staying in school, there really isn’t any room for advancement. One thing that I do not understand, is why the only way you can be successful is from management positions? Why is there not anything about agricultural work with stay at home mothers who tend to those duties? And why did he not fret about child parent interaction much? I guess you can’t expect a perfect speech in nineteen minutes.

  16. derrick says:

    First of all socialism is not a bad thing. it’s doiing something for the well being of all. when our children do well we all bennifit. he’s right we all have a responsibility including our children to get the most out of their education. we all must work hard because our children are the key to our future.

  17. MacKenzie Koba says:

    The way that Obama is touting socialism is because he was basically telling kids that they need to take control of their lives and pursue and education. I dont think it is a bad thing either because people need to hear it and for a lot of people it is a reality check.

  18. Christy Vachavake says:

    Obama is kind of telling students about the “American Dream”. He tells us that we can do anything as long as we work hard and put a lot of energy and practice into it. He then goes on to say that if you don’t stay in school and get a good education you not only fail as an individual but you fail as an American. This is a problem because, like we said in class, the “American Dream” may not actually be possible and some people just can’t do certain things. If you tell them they can, when they fail they are looked down on as lazy and a failure as an American. Probably not something we should be telling Kindergarten kids; you can do and be whoever you want, but if you don’t make it there then we don’t want anything to do with you.

  19. Diana Olson says:

    I don’t believe that President Obama’s speech was touting socialism to children. I believe that he is just trying to envoke a sense of responsibility to children to try their hardest at a young age. He says that people can be successful in life if they try their best, and this is a positive message for children. If a child can have a dream at a young age, even if it’s to be an astronaut or the future president, it gives them something to hope and strive for. I believe that this is the message that President Obama is trying to send. By telling children to read their books, do their homework and act respectfully in school it will help many children to do so, especially those who don’t have a positive role model in their life.

  20. Cody Schmittinger says:

    His speech didn’t deal directly with a socialistic view, however; they way he portrays the American Dream and how working hard can get you anywhere is preaching the idea of everyone is equal and given a fair shot at succeeding. Which is to be honest untrue by all means. Just because you take initiative and do well in school, it doesn’t mean the quality of that education can get you anywhere. Granted it gives them something to work for, but the reality of it is slim. So, socialism, no, but slanted viewpoints yes.

  21. Antonio Mendoza says:

    Very inspiring, his speech is one of the great ones I have ever hear. I dont believe the president was touring socialism in any away possble. he was just making a point in a true reallity that is that the future of the country is in the hands of all the youth, at the end thoes young kids are the future our country.

    Yes the president is right.

  22. Tiffany Hulberg says:

    Obama was “touting socialism” through his encouragement to take ownership in one’s own education and to be proactive in the life you want to live. Often times kids give up because they strongly believe, and are told that they are just going to fall into the cycle (whether it be poverty or something else) just as their parents did before them. I liked Obama’s speech a lot and I think that having it addressed to the kids was a good step toward helping those to believe in themselves even when no one believes in them (which affects children a lot more than most people understand!).

  23. Kyle Kiser says:

    I think Obama really gets across the fact that education is very important and what you do now will impact the success of America. He also emphasizes that staying in school and working hard will have benefits not just for the individual but for the entire country and by giving up on school you would be giving up on your country. This is where social problems would come in, social problems occur when students dropping out of schools and living alternative lifestyles which eventually effect the country in a bad way. Obama is trying to point out the whole speech that you have to take advantage of every opportunity that arises and that and never give up, and if you work hard good things will happen and you will be helping out the whole country. Over all i think it was a pretty good speach, but in reality many people only think about there selves and dont care about the country as a whole,and that is what it comes down to.people are selfish.

  24. Amannda Hollis says:

    I don’t think Obama’s speech can be viewed as touting socialism. I think he did a fabulous job of encouraging children to take responsibility for their education and not to take it for granted. There are so many people who are in worse situations then the kids he was talking to, and throughout the United States, that still manage to get an education and be successful in their lives. He is stressing that if they can do it, there shouldn’t be any excuses as to why we all can’t do the same as well. He was hoping to inspire them to continue their education. They are the future of the United States and I agree that it is important for them to be educated so we can continue to progress. I think this is a great speech to have children hear and I don’t understand why so many school districts refused to have the students watch it.

  25. Phillip Brent Miller says:

    Assuredly, President Obama was “touting socialism.” The idea of the American Dream is rooted in a socialistic viewpoint. It is based on the premise that this is a completely free country with the nation’s resources available equally to all. Obama very explicitly states that there is no reason for someone not to succeed except for themselves. Clearly this is representative of the socialistic viewpoint of equal resources for all allowing every person an equal opportunity to succeed.

  26. Ashley Lepak says:

    I feel that the president is forcing students to take education more seriously. I think thast he gets his point across because eduacation is what the United States is based off of. I feel that education not only helps oneself but also their community and country. I think that he is teaching socialism by expressing how important education is.

  27. Antonio Williams says:

    Being that socialism is an economic system contrary to a political system, Obama is touting socialism. He is advocating “ownership and administration of the means of production and allocation of resources, and a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with an egalitarian method of compensation.” (Listen to time 4:44-6:20)

    Although he was advocating ownership or “responsibilities” of education, he also assisted in explaining how making a change to continue in education is crucial to the economy and an advantage to your lifestyle.

    I am an Obama fan and I don’t see anything wrong with “advocating socialism.” Yes, the account of his speech was too complex for the audience he’s targeting. However, a self concept that our society loves to teach to k-12 kids, “IDENTITIES,” is not of easy to understanding as well.

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