Voting & Citizenship

I try very hard in class not to place pressure on students on how they should feel about one particular subject or another. For instance, I try to not to pressure them to believe they way I do about universal healthcare, immigration, the economy, etc. However, I sometimes become overly passionate about certain topics, which I fear probably “tips my hand”.

That said I do want to urge you to not only educate yourself about voting issues, but also to get out and vote. I seriously don’t care how you vote (to each her/his own), just get out and vote. Arguably more important is educating one about why he/she is voting for candidate “A” or “B”. It doesn’t matter what your major may be (coaching, art, philosophy, or astronomy), we all, as citizens, get out and cast our own educated vote.

Now you may be asking “What does he mean by educate myself about voting?” One may say, for instance, “I have educated myself about voting by talking with friends and family regarding whom they like.” This, in my opinion, is only 50% of the task. The other 50% requires you to read and/or listen to the candidates opinions on important subjects. You can do this by simply looking on numerous websites. CNN has recently created a WEBPAGE that functions to inform the citizenry of this very thing. Maybe you should check it out! If you don’t like CNN (I have a friend who refers to the network as the “Communist News Network”), then find another site to educate yourself on the issues and candidates. The main concern is that you develop your own (instead of your girl/boy friend or parents) rationale of why you are voting for candidate “A” or “B”

That said what do you feel are the most important issues for November and why?

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